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Crossovers make it easy, safe, and convenient for people to cross streets.

Are Crossovers and Crosswalks the Same Thing?

A crosswalk is found at intersections that are often controlled by stop signs or light sets.

A crossover can be located at non-intersection locations. At a crossover, motorists are legally required to stop

to allow people to cross the road.

Do you see a person and flashing amber lights at the crossover? All vehicles MUST stop at shark teeth until a person is completely off the road.


  1. “Pedestrian Crossover Ahead”

    signs indicate that you’re approaching a pedestrian crossover. Look for pedestrians waiting to cross.”

  2. “No Passing”

    signs are found 30m from a crossover. If vehicles are stopped, it is illegal to pass them

  3. “Stop for Pedestrians”

    signs require you to stop. At an advanced crossover, there will be flashing lights and an overhead sign. If someone is waiting, stop at the shark teeth.

  4. “Shark Teeth”

    tell you where you must stop at a pedestrian crossover. If someone is waiting at the ‘Stop for Pedestrians’ signs, you must stop for them.

  5. “Ladder Crossings”

    show you where pedestrians will use the crossover. Wait until the pedestrian has left the roadway before moving again.

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