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Dual Controlled Lessons for Handicapped Winnipeg

Dual Controlled Lessons for Handicapped Winnipeg

Dual Controlled Lessons for Handicapped in Winnipeg: Equal Access to Driver’s License

Winnipeg and the surrounding cities in Manitoba are giving people with some cognitive impairment the chance to legally drive on the highway. Anyone with special needs can still apply and acquire for a driver’s license so long as he can pass the medical and driving examinations and prove that despite the condition he can still operate the vehicle safely.

To be able to learn how to drive, one can seek help from driving institutions. There are dual controlled lessons for handicapped in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. These type of lessons are tailored to fit the handicapped people. Here at Turbicars, we can help you to find the right driving school that can make you a driver with a license. Our partner institutions have the best instructors that are able to teach these students according to their needs.

Dual Controlled Vehicle

It is very helpful that there are dual controlled vehicles. This is useful in teaching students with special needs. The driving instructor can easily assist the student to learn how to drive and control the vehicle.

Different types of vehicles are:

  • Two brakes
  • Two brakes and two clutches
  • Two brakes and two accelerators
  • Two brake, two accelerators, and two clutches

The good thing about the dual controlled vehicles is that it helps the instructor to control the car in case there is an emergency. The teacher can just step on his own pedal brake to stop the car to avoid any accident that may occur during the lesson.

Readiness for a Driver’s License

To ensure a driver is ready to acquire a driver’s license the student need to undergo a medical examination and a certification from the Occupational Therapist. The OT will assess your mental condition, physical aspect etc. Lastly, the recommendations from the therapist will also include modifications of your vehicle to suit your special condition. This may include a special device or control to help you be safe while on wheels.

The second part is your assessment to operate the vehicle. During the assessment, you will be observed with the following: your concentration while driving, your judgment on the traffic situations and overall management of the vehicle you are driving.

Let Us Take You There

To make you qualify for a license, attend dual controlled lessons for handicapped in Winnipeg. It will surely make you a smart driver on the road. We will make arrangements for you to get an instructor and right vehicle during this journey.

So if you want to drive a car, truck, taxi or even a bicycle, we can arrange for your lessons and instructors. Let us know for your specifications too. We manage for the details of your lessons like the schedule, price range and the instructor’s gender to make you as comfortable as possible during the class.

Our connections are far and wide to accommodate the interested students wherever the location is. All you need to do is make an inquiry through call or text in this number: 866-601-9727. We can book for you according to your availability. The payment ranges depending on the lessons that you will enroll.