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G2 Licence

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G2 Licence

Guidelines to Pass G2 License

G2 Licence

Are you looking for G2 license guides? Getting your G2 driver’s license is a big step and your first chance to go behind the wheel alone. It gives you a sense of freedom plus responsibility. This guide will provide you with a good overview of G2 license requirements and common G2 FAQs.


Once you have completed an MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education course such as Trubicars and passed your G2 driver’s license test, you are allowed to drive alone on any Ontario roadway. Class G2 lasts at least 12 months. You will have fewer restrictions because of your driving experience. However, there are still G2 license restrictions that you must obey.

What are the G2 license limitations in Ontario?

  • You must not drive if you have been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. You must maintain zero blood alcohol levels.
  • You are only allowed to carry as many passengers as there are working seatbelts.

What are the G2 license restrictions (limitations) for drivers aged 19 or under?

If you are G2 drivers aged 19 or under, the following restrictions apply between the hours of midnight and 5 AM

  • You can only carry one passenger aged 19 or under in the first six months after you receive your G2 license.
  • You are allowed to carry up to three passengers aged 19 or under after six months with your G2 driver’s license and until you obtain a full G driver’s license or you turn 20.

There are a few exemptions to the passenger restrictions for G2 drivers aged 19 and under. The passenger restrictions do not apply

  • If a fully licensed driver is accompanying you in the front passenger seat
  • If the passengers are immediate family members for example a guardian, spouse, common-law relationship or adoption

Regardless of the license class, all young drivers aged 21 and under, must have a blood alcohol level of zero.

How do you book your driver’s license G2 test?

Booking your driver’s license G2 test is easy. Below are different ways to book your G2 road test appointment:

  • Book your G2 test online through the DriveTest website
  • You can visit any DriveTest Centre near you to book your G2 test
  • You can talk to your driving school or driving instructor regarding booking your G2 test. Some driving schools can book the G2 test for their students and you might be able to use the training car for your G2 test as well.

What to expect in the road test to get a G2 license?

The G2 road test (also called G1 Exit Test) has 7 sections. The MTO has designed this road test to check that you have the basic skills necessary to drive safely. Below are the 7 sections of the G2 road test. Getting yourself familiar with these G2 driver’s license rules will help you get your G2 driving license with ease.


  • Unable to locate/adjust/operate safety devices
  • Fails to observe – uses mirror only
  • Fails to signal / improper signal
  • Incorrect use of: clutch / brake / accelerator / gears


  • Fails to look around / to rear before / while backing – mirror only
  • Turnabout control / steering method / observation / vehicle position
  • Incorrect use of: clutch / brake / gears / steering


  • Follows or passes too closely / cuts in too soon
  • Improper choice of lane/straddles lanes / unmarked roadway
  • Fails to check blind spot / observe properly
  • Lane change signal: wrong / early / late / not given / not cancelled
  • Right-of-way observance: pedestrians / self / other vehicles
  • Fails to use caution or obey: pedestrian cross-overs /school crossing/emergency vehicle
  • Speed: too fast / slow for conditions / impedes traffic
  • Incorrect use of: clutch / brake / accelerator / gears / steering / safety devices


  • Fails to observe properly / controlled / uncontrolled intersections
  • Fails to obey signs or signals/pavement markings
  • Late in slowing / stopping / slows too soon
  • Stopping position too soon or blocking a crosswalk/intersection
  • Right-of-way observance: pedestrians / self / other vehicles


  • Signaling: Wrong / early / late / not given / not canceled
  • Fails to get in proper position / lane / late into lane / late into position
  • Right-of-way observance: pedestrians / self / position / other vehicles
  • Turns too wide – enters the wrong lane
  • Cuts corner – enters the wrong lane
  • Steering: method / control / recovery
  • Speed: too fast / too slow / enter / leave / impedes
  • Incorrect use of: clutch / brake / accelerator / gears


  • Fails to observe – uses mirror only / backing / leaving
  • Hits: objects / other vehicles or climbing curbs
  • Incorrect vehicle position
  • Fails to signal when leaving / incorrect signal
  • Incorrect use of: clutch / brake / accelerator / gears / steering


  • Fails to observe properly / uses mirror only / and/or signal before leaving
  • Rolls back when parking or starting
  • Fails to angle wheels properly / incorrect vehicle position
  • Fails to set parking brake / select proper gear
  • Incorrect use of: clutch / brake / accelerator / gears / steering

What are the common mistakes on the driving license G2 road test?

Here are the most common mistakes that people do during the G2 license test:

  • Going over the speed limit
  • Going too slow
  • Not checking blind spots
  • Not fully stopping
  • Parallel parking mistakes
  • Going in the wrong lane after turns
  • Failing to yield to other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Failing to follow the right-of-way rules

Getting a G2 license should not be hard. Make sure you follow the G2 license rules mentioned above and you will move from a G2 license to a G license with ease.

How to renew an expired G2 license?

In Ontario, you must renew your driver’s license every 5 years. You are not allowed to drive with an expired, canceled, or suspended driver’s license. According to the Ontario.ca website, licenses that have expired on or after March 1st, 2020, are currently eligible to be renewed online. If your driver’s license was expired or canceled for more than 1 year prior to March 1st, 2020, you will not be able to renew it online. In this case, you have to visit a Drive Test Centre. You have to pass a vision test, written or road tests, and also bring your original ID that shows your legal name, date of birth, and your signature. You also have to pay a $90 fee.

Extending G2 License

Once your G1 license or G2 with L condition license expires, you cannot renew it. If you book a road test prior to your expiry date, you may be able to get an extension until your road test date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does G2 driver license cost?
    If you are taking an MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education course then the G2 license cost could be anywhere between $500 to $1200 depending on the driving school and the number of lessons you take. If you are not taking any classes, then it will cost about $53.75.
  • Can I buy a car with a G2 license?
    Yes, buying a car with a G2 license is permitted
  • What is the difference between G and G2 license?
    A G2 is considered a novice driver’s license that has several driving restrictions. class G license is the full license that has fewer restrictions.
  • What is the difference between G G1 and G2 license?
    There are 12 different classes of licenses in Ontario. Class G G1 G2 license let you drive a car, van or small truck. After you pass a vision test and knowledge test, you will enter Level One and get a Class G1 license. You must pass two road tests to become fully licensed. You will move to Class G2 after passing the first road test and you will get Class G after passing the second road test.
  • What is the difference between G1 and G2 license?
    G1 driver’s license is a novice driver’s license that you will get after passing a vision test and G1 knowledge test. You must wait 12 months before you can take a road test. This time is reduced to 8 months if you have completed an MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education course such as Trubicars online course. You will move to Class G2 after passing the first road test. If you need help preparing for your G1 and G2 driver’s license, you can book an MTO-approved driving school through the Trubicars.ca website.
  • What is the difference between G2 and G license?
    In Ontario, you must pass two road tests to become fully licensed. You must pass the driver’s license G2 test to get a G2 driver’s license and passing the G license road test will give you a G license after G2.
  • Can a G2 driver’s license holder drive on the highway?
    Yes, with a G2 driver’s license, you can drive on any highway including the 400 series highways, 407, QEW, and other highways in Ontario. As a holder of a G2 license, highway driving is allowed but keep in mind that you still have restrictions like Zero blood alcohol and all passengers should wear seatbelts.
  • When does your G2 license expire?
    The G2 license expires after 5 years from the date you received your G1 license. The G2 license expiry date is written on your G2 license.
  • Can I drive a taxi share service like Uber with my G2 license?
    You will need a full G license to drive Uber. There are a few other restrictions as well like you must be 21 years of age or older and you might have to take a special driving course if you are in the GTA area.
  • How can I get my G2 in less than 8 months?
    Unfortunately, you cannot. If you have completed an approved BDE course, the shortest amount of time you will have to wait is 8 months to get your G2 license. If you have not completed an approved BDE course, you have to wait 12 months to get your G2 driver’s license
  • How many passengers are allowed in a car with a G2 license driver?
    The G2 license driver can have as many passengers as the functioning seatbelts in the vehicle.
  • Can you drive in the States with your G2 license?
    It is better to check the driving laws of the province that you are planning to visit in the States. Some states may or may not allow you to drive with a G2 license.
  • How can I upgrade my G1 to G2 license?
    You must pass a road test (sometimes called G1 to G2 road test or G1 exit road test) to upgrade your license to a G2 class license.
  • How can I upgrade from G2 to a G license?
    You must a road test (sometimes called G2 to G road test or G2 exit road test or G road test) to upgrade your license from G2 to G license.
  • How can I exchange my foreign driver’s license for a G2 license in Ontario
    In order for you to exchange your international license, your original driver’s license has to be from a country that has an exchange agreement with Canada. Below are Eligible countries for G and G2 international license exchange:

    • USA
    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Germany
    • Ireland
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • New Zealand
    • Switzerland
    • Taiwan
    • United Kingdom

    If your country is not listed in the above country, you will be able to use your driving experience to get credit for obtaining your full G license in Ontario.

  • How can G2 drivers save on car insurance?
    Here are a few ways to save money on G2 license insurance:

    • Taking an approved Beginner Driver Education course such as Trubicars.
    • Talk to insurance companies regarding secondary driver coverage. This is much cheaper than getting your own G2 license insurance policy.
    • Talk to an insurance broker to get personalized quotes to save money.
  • Can I still take the G road test if I got a temporary G2 license?
    Renewing a G2 license on time is important. You can still take your G road test if you have a valid temporary G2 license.