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Our goal is to share our knowledge and driving experience with you, so you understand the rules of the road and have practical driving training designed to ensure you are a responsible driver.

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Our mission is to simplify your learning journey by collaborating with premium driving schools, guaranteeing superior education while letting you focus on your personal learning preferences.

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Our vision for Trubicars is to revolutionize driver education by becoming a leading global platform in this field, renowned for fostering competent, confident, and responsible drivers.

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We engage top-notch curriculum designers to guarantee an exceptional learning experience on our platform. Our expert writers meticulously review each state’s driver’s license manual to ensure accurate and comprehensive content.

At Trubicars, you will only find driving schools and instructors that have passed our high standards. Our promise to you is that if a driving school is found here on our site, that you can trust you will get the best driving training possible. In addition, we closely and continuously monitor driving schools and instructors to ensure they continue to follow our high standards.


We are a driving training portal, currently offering driving training options throughout Canada, for all driving license classes.

Owned and operated by an experienced driving instructor, we saw a need in the market for a one-stop shop for driving training. Our vision and purpose became clear. We partner up with only the best driving schools. They’ve arranged their best packages and pricing for us, and in turn, we offer those services to you. In other words, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve sourced the best schools and instructors, price-checked their programs to ensure we’re offering the best rates, and pass this work on to you, people looking to take driving lessons in Canada.


We’re not a driving school directory. We have strict guidelines and standards for our driving school partners. With years of experience
offering driving instruction for all license classes, we have in-depth knowledge of this industry.
Trubicars is your source for Canadian driving lessons. At Trubicars you will find only the best, highly-rated, top-quality driving schools and instructors. You can easily compare programs and packages to find the right fit for your driving training.


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If you are looking for a comprehensive driving training package, Trubicars is the best choice. The digital platform allows you to study online at your own pace at home which makes the learning process much easier for everyone. Course materials are very informative, interesting and up-to-date. Technical support is available all days of the week and are really helpful.

Shiva Shabro

This is awesome knowledge and very much beneficial to all drivers. The privilege for every driver to achieve being a responsible behind the wheel is so very important to be safe and be safe for others. I wanna give thanks for Trubicars Ltd. team to have such a wonderful information’s to enhance knowledge and improve the quality of education towards a new driver and make better encouragement and confidence with performance for every driver..

Lisa Almen

I am very satisfied with this driving school. All courses are designed in such a way that it is easy to remember the material, much is very visual. I also learned a lot of new and useful things for me. In addition, some of the information surprised me. For example, I used to think that the stop line exists for the convenience of pedestrians. However, first of all, this line is provided for the safety of drivers. I recommend this course for your safety and your family members.

Sveta Stasheuskaya

Trubicars was a great driving resources I used to complete my driving lesson class. This course gave me more assurance in knowing the regulations, laws, driving techniques to be efficient and ready on the road. I would only require as a constructive criticism to update some of the materials that is being taught in class. Sometimes the content is a little outdated- include more of new content otherwise this is an A1- driving course!

Regy J. de la Cruz-Abraham

I have been working with Trubicars for more than a year. They are giving you, your own space to learn, develop and share knowledge. The workplace is cheerful and calm. I am highly recommended, Trubicars as one of the best platforms to look for Driving Schools and Book Driving Lessons Online.

Santhosh Kumar