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G1 Test in Kitchener Ontario

One of the most exciting times in our lives is when we decide to learn to drive! You may have thought about learning to drive for a while now but have decided this is the time to do it. Well, at Trubicars, we think that’s great! However, there are a few steps you should be aware of before you write your G1 test in Kitchener, Ontario.

What is the G1 test?

You should know that Ontario has a graduated licensing system that involves three tests. The G1 test in Ontario is a written knowledge-based test that determines your knowledge of traffic signs and the rules of the roads. The G1 test is the first part of the graduated licensing system that novice drivers in Ontario will be required to pass to complete the graduated licensing system. The G1 test in Kitchener is the only written test of the three tests that you are required to pass. The other two tests are taken on the road.

Prepare for G1 test Kitchener
G1 Test Kitchener
What does the G1 test involve?

What does the G1 test involve?

When attempting to write the G1 test, it does help to know what to expect. What this does is help to keep you calm and relaxed going into it. We are able to think more clearly and choose the appropriate answers when we are calm and relaxed.

As you write the G1 test, you will need to answer forty multiple-choice questions. The first part of the test will focus on traffic lights, road signs, and traffic signals. The second part of the test will focus on your knowledge of the Rules of the Road for Ontario. To pass the test, you must correctly answer 80% of the questions in the first part, and 80% in the second section.


Like many things we need to do on a daily basis, preparation is important if you want to pass the test. You should take this seriously since many Ontario drivers fail their first attempt at passing the G1 test because they take the test for granted. Studying and preparing to write the G1 test in Kitchener is not a waste of time and effort, as some people may think. Watching family members and friends drive does not necessarily mean you will have enough information you need to pass the written test.

The best way to avoid failing the test is to study. Although some people may decide to do the practice tests instead of studying, studying from the Official Handbook before taking the practice tests is a better idea.

Kitchener G1 Test Preparation

Being able to utilize a trusted G1 practice test as part of your studying habits after you have studied from the Handbook a few times can be helpful. Trubicars can help you with that as we offer free exam-like G1 practice tests you can use when you are ready. It is also suggested to do those tests more than once to be sure you are ready for the official test.

Once you take our practice tests, you will find they are challenging tests designed to simulate the official written test and prepare you for the questions you may receive on the Ontario G1 test in Kitchener. If you tend to feel overwhelmed with tests, these practice tests are the perfect thing to do before going to Kitchener DriveTest Centre as they may make the official test feel less overwhelming.

Before you move forward to do the G1 test in Kitchener, here are the steps you need to follow in detail to be ready to write the G1 test in Kitchener!

Review the Official Driver’s Handbook

The Ontario Driver’s Handbook is the first step to do before you apply for and write the G1 test.

It has all the information and facts you will need to learn to become a knowledgeable and safe driver on the road.

Some questions may involve the graduated licensing system or drive in adverse conditions. Studying the Handbook can help you better understand the information you may see during the written test.

The more familiar you are with the Ontario Driver’s Handbook, the better opportunity you will have to pass the test the first time.

The practice test

Now that you have studied enough and feel that you have a solid understanding of the Rules of the Road in Ontario, it is time to put your studying to the test. We have G1 practice tests for you to try. These questions include questions about traffic signs and road rules, plus driving information you would expect to find on the official G1 test.

Each of our practice tests simulates the real G1 written test from the MTO. They include similar images and multiple-choice questions you would face while writing the G1 test in Kitchener.

G1 Practice Test Kitchener The Practice Test Kitchener
Writing the G1 Test

Writing the G1 test

Now that you have studied and taken a few practice tests, you should feel ready to write the official G1 test. Since you will be familiar with answering similar questions as the official test by taking the simulated test with Trubicars, this should help your confidence and improve your ability to pass the real test! Take a deep breath and take your time. The official tests have no time limits, so you can take as long as you need.

Alternative to writing the G1 test

Other than completing a written test, there is also a computerized knowledge test with an audio capability. Anyone with difficulty reading is urged to take an audio knowledge test instead of a written test. There is an option to take a verbal test with the Kitchener DriveTest staff. To use that option, you must make an appointment before going there.

Anyone who needs someone to interpret the knowledge test must book a verbal knowledge test appointment before going into DriveTest. You should know that interpreters must meet specific criteria before they can do that. Visit the Kitchener DriveTest Centre to secure an appointment.

At Trubicars, we want to help you succeed in receiving your license, which is why we have developed this information page for you. Once you pass your G1 test in Kitchener, contact Trubicars to get set up with a professional instructor and turn your knowledge into skill!

Alternative to writing the G1 Test

Prepare for the G1 Test by
practicing over your 300 Questions

Once you acquire the knowledge provided in
those tests, you are ready to pass the
test, the first time.