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The Trubicars driver instruction course gives participants the opportunity to interact on multiple levels. Practice activities that have been integrated into the course include many scenario-based questions and activities that help to reinforce the material while improving retention of the information.

What is Beginner Driver Education in Ontario?

The Beginner Driver Education Course in Ontario is a program geared towards novice drivers, aimed at equipping them with fundamental driving skills and instilling a sense of responsibility while on the road. This course helps learners comprehend road regulations, and the impact of alcohol and drugs on driving, and fosters the essential skills and knowledge to avert accidents and injuries. As a certified driver's education initiative, the program's objective is to cultivate within new drivers the necessary skills, comprehension, and attitude for safe and conscientious driving.

BED Course
BED Course1
Who should take a BDE Course

Who should take a Beginner Driver Education Course?

This course is an ideal starting point for anyone embarking on their journey to becoming a licensed driver. Whether you're a teenager just starting out or an adult deciding to learn later in life, the course is designed to accommodate the needs of first-time drivers from all walks of life. The program not only teaches the mechanics of operating a vehicle but also instills a deep understanding of road safety and etiquette, vital for any new driver. By focusing on a comprehensive driving education, it lays a solid foundation for a future of responsible and confident driving.

This course is broken into three sections

20 Hours of Online Theory

20 hours of
online theory

10 Hours of Digital Instructions

10 hours of digital

10 Hours of Private In-Vehicle Lessons

10 hours of private
in-vehicle lessons.

In total, students should expect to spend a minimum of 40 hours on the MTO BDE certification.


Important Note

1-Year Contract Policy

The course must be completed within 365 days, 1 year from the date you registered and the date you have made your full payment. This is an Ontario Government regulation 473/07. No refunds, no exchanges after the 1-year expiration date, and the student must make a full payment to restart a new online BDE course. No exceptions.


Benefits of enrolling in Beginner Driver Education Course

  • 01
    Lower your insurance rate. Graduates may be eligible for an insurance discount with proof of their Drivers License History
  • 02
    Enjoy the liberty to learn according to your own schedule, in the familiar and safe environment of your home.
  • 03
    Interactive learning material with lots of videos and scenarios
  • 04
    Significantly reduces the waiting period for your G2 Road Test (G1 Exit) from 12 months to just 8.
  • 05
    Cost and time effective, save on commuting and cost of transportation to attend the BDE classes onsite

Prepare for the G1 Test by
practicing over 300 Questions

Once you acquire the knowledge provided in those tests, you are ready to pass the test, the first time.


We are providing two different types of Beginner Driver Education Course


Virtual Beginner Driver

The virtual option blends interactive learning with the convenience of online education. Here, you can engage with a live instructor for 20 hours through Zoom. This allows you to ask questions and get real-time feedback, simulating a traditional classroom experience from the comfort of your own home. Alongside this, an additional 10 hours of self-paced online learning allows you to deepen your understanding at your own pace.


E-Learning Beginner
Driver Education

The regular eLearning course offers a fully self-guided experience with 30 hours of online content that you can explore at your leisure. While there's no live instructor in this format, the flexibility it provides makes it an ideal choice for those with busy schedules or varying study habits. The course content is accessible 24/7, allowing you to learn whenever it's most convenient for you. Regardless of the time of day, you have the opportunity to delve into comprehensive, interactive driving education material, at a pace that suits your individual learning style and needs.


At Trubicars, we can help you select a Ministry Approved Driving School to complete your BDE Course. You can view a list of Ministry Approved by clicking on this link here: Government-approved Driving Schools When you complete a Beginner Drivers Education Course through a government-approved driving school, they will issue you a BDE Certificate of course completion and will update your student record with the ministry so that you have successfully completed the course.

The Ministry of Transportation employs a digital certification system. Upon completion of the Beginner Driver Education course, the respective driving school will input the student's records into this system to facilitate certification. Once certified, the mandatory waiting period decreases instantly from 12 months to just 8 months. To avail of an insurance discount, the student needs to furnish their Driver Licence History (DLH) to their insurance provider. The DLH can be obtained from a local Service Ontario outlet.