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    Looking for Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario? Your search ends here! Trubicars has compiled a comprehensive list of top-notch Government-approved Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario just for you.

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    Rest assured, all the driving schools featured here are MTO-approved BDE course providers. We are committed to assisting you in selecting the finest Driving School in Mississauga, Ontario that meets your specific needs. Our detailed information will include rates, reviews, and much more.

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    Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? We certainly are! Let's begin.

Best Driving Schools in Mississauga Ontario Best Driving Schools in Mississauga
Trubicars Team

The Trubicars Team has created a list of the top driving schools in Mississauga, Ontario for you.

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100% MTO Approved

BDE Course Providers

The Cost of Mississauga, Ontario Driving Schools

Prior to discussing the premier Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario, let's delve into the cost of driving lessons in the area. The good news is that driving lessons in Mississauga, Ontario are quite affordable. To get an idea of the average cost, please refer to the table below.

G2 Lesson $45 per hour
G Lesson $45 Per Hour
Basic Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Package. This includes 30 hours of MTO-approved online driving course and 10 hours of in-car driving lessons. $649 Plus Tax
*According to Trubicars, these are the best MTO-approved Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.

The Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario

According to Trubicars, these are the best MTO-approved Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.

All Star Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 1140 Burnhamthorpe Rd W unit #127, Mississauga, ON L5C 4E9
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All Star Driving School provides top-notch driver training for G1, G2, and G drivers, as well as Ministry-approved beginner driver education (BDE) courses. Following the Ministry’s guidelines, All Star ensures that students complete the mandatory 20 hours of classroom instruction or online e-learning, along with 10 hours of in-vehicle training and 10 hours of flexible instruction (homelinks) required for certification. Upon successful completion of these requirements within a year, your Driver’s License History (DLH) will reflect your graduation from the BDE course.
With 40 years of experience and 15 conveniently located branches, All Star Driving School is the preferred choice for high school students in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and York Region. They offer flexible, affordable, and high-quality driver training, boasting an impressive road test passing ratio. Courses are available both online and in-person, with additional safety protocols in place to prioritize your well-being. Their team of driver training specialists is experienced, professional, and friendly. All instructors are MTO certified and undergo yearly re-evaluation by the company owner. By enrolling in one of their MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses, you can develop safe, confident, and defensive driving skills using their state-of-the-art techniques.
All Star Driving School ensures that their in-class locations are well-lit, clean, and create a fun and upbeat atmosphere while delivering educational content. They also offer the convenience of online learning through their Ministry-approved digital e-learning curriculum. Courses are available throughout the year, including weekend classes, evening classes, 4-day holiday courses, and weekday courses during summer holidays. If you miss a session, you have the flexibility to make it up within a one-year period
At All Star Driving School, students not only learn how to drive but also gain the necessary skills to navigate the roads safely. The instructors are highly experienced, friendly, and patient. They accommodate the schedules of their students and conduct one-on-one in-vehicle appointments. Allowing students to take both the in-class/online course and in-vehicle lessons simultaneously enables faster program completion. All Star treats their students like family, with a genuine concern for their well-being. They provide transparent pricing without any hidden costs. Ensuring student safety remains their top priority.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why AA-A All Star Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“My Driving Instructor is Fayyaz and he is an amazing instructor. He is always super nice and has made me a better driver. He has taught me a lot (detailed driving maneuvers, safety precautions, and much more) and is always making sure that I am doing my best. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor and the All Star Driving School.”

“All Star driving school is a great organization for new drivers. The online courses were informative as well as interactive. If I had faced any technical issues they were handled quickly, solved via email or phone. I would specifically like to shout out my driving instructor Fayyaz as he was not only patient, yet encouraging and detail oriented. I truly feel he helped me become a driver who is aware and alert of all possibilities while on the road.”

“I had a great experience with All Star Driving School. They responded to my call right away and gave me full information. The instructor Shakil was patient, thorough with his information and instructions, and gave me tips and advice on how to drive in different roads and situations. He was also professional and communicated my timings for the lessons well in advance. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone taking their G2/G road test.”

“I had a great experience with All Star Driving School. My instructor Mr. Shakil helped me pass my G2 test on the first try and was very patient with me and gave me many tips on the road and answered all questions I had. He was very punctual to lessons and lessons were very informative. I thank him for their amazing help!”

“I highly recommend ALL-STAR DRIVING SCHOOL. I did my G2 and G lessons and road test with this school and was successful on first attempt. Instructor Amjid, he is the best! He has lots of patience with me and I know it's the same way with everyone else, he prepares you very well for your test, and you can see the joy on his face when you do your road test and pass it. He is a proud instructor for his students. Please guys try ALL- START DRIVING YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! 😊😊😊😊😊😊.”

Everything you need to know to confidently pass your Ontario G1 test.

Questions are taken directly from the MTO Driver’s handbook, which will help you pass your test the first time. Guaranteed.

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Dynamic Driver Training

  • Language: English
  • Address: 154 Queen St S, Mississauga, ON L5M 2P4
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For several years, Dynamic Driver Training has been dedicated to serving the Mississauga area with its exceptional driver training program. Known as one of the city’s premier driving schools, it has gained a strong reputation through its committed staff and effective teaching strategies.
As an approved provider of beginner driver training courses by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Dynamic Driver Training offers a comprehensive digital e-learning course. Covering a wide range of topics, including distracted driving and emergency maneuvering, the course engages students in a fun and interactive manner, ensuring information retention without feeling burdensome.
The driving instructors at Dynamic Driver Training are experienced professionals who are licensed and approved by the Ministry. They bring a wealth of knowledge to their teaching approach. Their primary goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for students during in-car lessons. They understand the inherent stress that new drivers may experience and strive to foster a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Patiently guiding their students, they focus on simplifying and demonstrating proper driving maneuvers until students become confident and safe drivers.
Dynamic Driver Training emphasizes the importance of learning safe driving practices, not just obtaining a driver’s license. The instructors take pride in teaching correct and safe driving methods. They work closely with each student, ensuring they grasp these essential skills before taking the test. As fellow parents, the instructors share a genuine concern for the safety of every student.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Dynamic Driver Training is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Driving has always been a factor that contributed to my anxiety. It wasn't my capabilities of driving I was worried about, it's the other drivers out there that has put that fear of driving in my mind. I did the online classes last year with the teacher Sam who was very interactive and outgoing during live zoom classes. In car lessons I was able to schedule right away with Maged once the lockdown lifted. He is very friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, and experienced. He would correct you on the spot and remind you consistently on what to remember when taking your exam. Always on time and communicated with you. He even made parallel parking and reverse parking easier then front parking. I passed my G2 with flying colors thanks to Maged. And even was able to take my exam the following day after my last in car lesson. I highly recommend this driving school and specifically this instructor if you want to pass your exams. Thank you Dynamic driver training, George and Maged!”

“My instructor Maged Tewfik, was an Amazing teacher. He was very clear, informative and straight forward. I would definitely recommend Dynamic Driving Training for anyone.”

“Thanks to the good people at Dynamic Drivers I got my license in no time! Had a great in car instructor and a great in class experience.”

Cosmo Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 199 Lakeshore Rd E, Unit 12. Mississauga, ON L5G 1G2
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In 1958, Cosmo Di Toro arrived in Port Credit and instantly developed a deep affection for the area. Inspired by his passion, he made the decision to establish his own driving school. When searching for a suitable name, his daughter proposed “Cosmo Driving School.” Since 1959, Cosmo Driving has been proudly serving the community.
Cosmo Driving School has become the preferred choice for families seeking professional driver training in Mississauga. They firmly believe in delivering exceptional driver training at affordable prices. Their comprehensive programs cater to both novice drivers and individuals seeking to enhance their driving skills. They specialize in working with new and nervous drivers, providing them with the necessary support and guidance. Their unwavering commitment is to diligently prepare students for their driving tests, enabling them to successfully obtain their driving privileges in Canada.
At Cosmo Driving, their mission is to teach safe and defensive driving skills to youth and seniors alike. The statistics on collisions among beginners are alarmingly high, and while most driving schools primarily focus on passing the road test, they place equal emphasis on the future beyond that test. It’s important to acknowledge that the majority of drivers continue driving until they reach 80 or 85 years of age.
In Canada, where extreme weather conditions can present challenges on the road, they understand the significance of defensive driving skills. They firmly believe in equipping their students, whether they are starting their driving journey at 16 or re-qualifying for their license at 78, with the necessary edge in defensive driving to navigate these conditions safely.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Cosmo & Mississauga School of Safe Driving is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“I had a lot of trouble with my previous driving school, but Cosmo Driving on first try established my confidence. I no longer felt a failure. I had great fun learning in class and in car. Finally, I was happy to get my drivers license.”

“I am a very nervous driver. I was scared to be behind the wheel. Someone recommend Cosmo Driving and they lived up to their reputation. Extremely patient, they helped my overcome my nervousness and helped me get my Ontario license.”

“I learned driving at Cosmo Driving a few years ago. Just recently my younger sister also went to them. Her instructor Eddy was very helpful and friendly. These guys are very professional and I will recommend them to every new driver.”

“My instructor Victor was amazing! I had a few lessons with him because my G test was coming up. He is very down to earth which makes it a lot easier to feel comfortable practicing. Thank you Victor for helping me receive my G! I highly recommend Victor and Cosmo.”

“Victor was great and patient well teaching ne everything I needed to know to pass my g2 first try! Highly recommended Cosmo driving school!”

All Nations Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 2nd Floor, 3643 Cawthra Rd Unit 203, Mississauga, ON L5A 2Y4
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All Nations Driving School offers MTO approved beginner driver education courses. They provide both the mandatory 20 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of in-car lessons, along with 10 hours of homework.
Their in-class location is bright and consistently well-maintained. The classroom environment is designed to be fun and upbeat while ensuring educational effectiveness, thoroughly preparing their students to become skilled and safe drivers. All Nations Driving School offers courses throughout the year, including weekend classes, evening classes during the fall and winter, 4-day holiday classes, and weekday courses during the summer holidays. If a student is unable to attend a session, they have the flexibility to make it up within a one-year period.
All Nations Driving School prioritizes accommodating the busy schedules of their students. They value their students and prioritize their needs above all else. The driving school maintains clean and safe vehicles, and their instructors are friendly, patient, and flexible. In-car appointments are conducted on a one-on-one basis between the student and instructor. Allowing students to take both in-car and in-class lessons simultaneously enables a faster completion of the program. All Nations Driving School is transparent about their pricing, avoiding any hidden costs and ensuring fairness.
Their focus extends beyond teaching driving skills; All Nations Driving School equips students with the necessary skills to navigate and survive on the road. They hold deep respect for their students, treating them like family. With over 20 years of service to the community, All Nations Driving School places the safety of their students as their topmost concern.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why All Nations Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“I had a very good experience with my instructor Sid. Even though I had 15 years of driving experience in US and India, there were some corrections needed for driving in Canada. He guided me well and prepared me for the G drive test. I recommend classes with All Nations Driving school and specially with Sid.”

“My experience with my instructor Ahsan was very good, he was very calm and his way of teaching is great, i picked up on all the things he showed me very quickly, i highly recommend all nations driving school and instructor Ahsan especially. Came back to this a month later after I passed my g2 test and I just want to say thank you again to Ahsan for teaching me everything I know today I’m very happy that I passed today.”

“Sal is amazing instructor! He thought me so well with driving. He Helped me with my G2 and my G. Thank you Sal and all nations driving school for your amazing service!”

“I had instructors that would yell, instructors who said I'd never pass. I started to lose hope but then I called All Nations and the driving nightmares stopped. Imran is a great teacher, super calm, and always ready to help. Explains things so you understand and remember them. I passed my G test on the first try thanks to Imran!! Can't wait to buy that red Lamborghini 😊"

Novelty Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 1310 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2C1
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Novelty Driving School has provided quality driver’s education across the GTA over 15 years. It is a MTO approved driving school based in Mississauga. The school offers online BDE course and in-car lessons.Mike Fisher’s Driving School understands the busy schedules of their students, and they strive to provide flexible classroom sessions. Their one-on-one in-car training offers a stress-free learning experience, tailoring the instruction to focus on the specific driving skills that students need to master. They are transparent about their package costs, provide full disclosure on their course pages and ensuring there are no hidden fees.
At Mike Fisher’s Driving School, their goal is not only to teach driving skills but also to equip students with the necessary knowledge to navigate the road safely. They prioritize the well-being of their students and aim to empower them to enjoy a lifetime of confident and responsible driving. The safety and security of their students will always remain their top priority.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Novelty Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Just got my full G licence today on my first try from Orangeville. Mr. Sohail Anjum Hassan was my instructor and without his help and guidance I wouldn't have been able to get it. Highly recommended instructor. 👌🏻”

Virk Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 3848 Bloomington Crescent, Mississauga, ON L5M 0A3
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Virk Driving School is a leading expert in driver education and will provide you with the skills required to become a safe and confident driver for life. They offer a diverse range of driving lessons and courses tailored to meet your specific needs. Their focus is on delivering quality education through an excellent and professional team. You can trust them to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in driving. Their expertise and dedication ensure that you receive the highest standard of driver education.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Virk Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“I have had an amazing experience being one of Mr.Ejaz’s students. He is a passionate instructor who actually cares about properly teaching his students. He also gives out material & information for you to review. I’d highly recommend Mr. Ejaz from Virk Driving School to all beginner drivers.”

“Mr. Ejaz was a revelation. I passed my G2 driving test on my first attempt after being guided from him. He was a great instructor and thoroughly went through the ins and outs of what’s necessary to pass my driving test. He was very easy to understand and taught me the proper techniques of driving on the road. I fully recommend him as a driving instructor.”

“I was saved by this school just a week before my g2 test, I had registered for 4 hours of classes and I went from not nearly prepared to capable enough to pass my g2 test confidently in just a few days. My instructor was kind, professional and very knowledgeable. His name is Ejaz and I would definitely recommend anyone looking for practice to give this driving school a try!”

“Ejaz sir is a very good instructor to learn from. He explains beginner driver concepts so well and shares all tips to be successful at your test. He chalks out the lessons so well such that you are not burdened with unnecessary information right from start. He will give you relevant information at right time, just follow his instructions to the T !! Highly recommended!”

Early Bird Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 3024 Hurontario St Unit G15, Mississauga, ON L5B 4M4
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EARLY BIRD Driving School is a Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education course provider. All the in-class and in-car curriculum taught to students has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation and is delivered by professional, fully licensed instructors.
Upon completion of the EARLY BIRD course, students become eligible to reduce the waiting period of their first road test from 12 months to 8 months. The core belief at EARLY BIRD is that everyone should have access to these services at the highest degree possible. Therefore, you will find them to have the best limo service in the GTA.
Comfy Schedule
They offer convenient scheduling six days a week, allowing students to find a time that suits their needs.
Quality Service
They provide quality service at reasonable rates, ensuring students receive the best value for their investment.
Helping Center
They have a helping center dedicated to supporting nervous drivers and the elderly, offering guidance and assistance to help them feel more comfortable on the road.
Training Car
They offer the use of the training car for road tests, providing students with the convenience of practicing and taking their tests in a familiar and comfortable vehicle.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Early Bird Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Syed Mohammad Ali is the best instructor in Mississauga and I highly recommend him for teaching the safe and best practices in driving. He is so patient and knowledgeable. Follow his advise and u will definitely get the license. I and my wife got our G licenses today.”

“I was recommended to Early Bird Driving School by a friend who had used this driving school. I am so glad that I took lessons through this driving school. Syed Muhammad Ali is extremely patient and thorough. He makes you feel so comfortable, confident and at ease. I took lessons with him to prepare for my G2 and G road test and passed with my first attempt. I asked so many questions and he patiently answered them. Mr Ali is an exceptional teacher and I highly recommend Early Bird Driving School.”

“Muhammad Ali bahi was my instructor for G2 test (Mississauga Temporary). He is a very professional and dedicated instructor. He explained each and everything very clearly.”

“I cleared my G2 with just minimum classes...i can whole heartedly endorse syed muhammad ali that he is the best driving instructor one can find in GTA toronto, mississauga, brampton etc...He is super skilled and polite. One should only go to him for driving lessons and tests. Good luck guys.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😀😀”

“We really appreciate and are thankful to our family driving instructor Syed Mohammad Ali for his professionalism, honesty and commitment, my wife got G and 2 university going youngsters got their G2 license in 1st attempt with outstanding driving training by Syed Mohammad Ali, I would strongly recommend him to everyone who really wants to learn not only driving but also safe driving the one and only person to go with is Syed Mohammad Ali of Early Bird Driving School of Mississauga. Thanks Ali...”

All State Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 2285 Britannia Rd W Unit 21, Mississauga, ON L5M 2G6
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All State Driving School is recognized as the most affordable, reliable, and successful driving school in the Greater Toronto Area. They cater to students of all ages, ranging from teenagers who are embarking on their first driving experience to adults who are renewing their license from scratch. Their primary focus is on prioritizing the needs of their students and ensuring a personalized approach to instruction. They strive to make the learning experience not only effective but also enjoyable and memorable, creating an atmosphere of excitement and impact.
At All State Driving School, they take pride in their team of reliable, patient, dedicated, and professional driving instructors who possess extensive experience in the field. Each instructor is certified and registered with the Ministry of Transportation, ensuring their expertise and adherence to regulatory standards.
Having assisted numerous students in mastering the art of driving in the GTA, their collective experience has honed their ability to establish strong connections with learners. They possess a deep understanding of effective instructional techniques and materials, allowing them to impart knowledge in a way that resonates with students. With a genuine passion for their work, everyone on the team at All State Driving School is committed to going the extra mile to ensure that students have all the necessary tools and preparation to feel confident and fully ready for their driving test.
Fun & Friendly Learning Environment
At All State Driving School, they prioritize creating a fun and friendly learning environment for their students. Recognizing that both practical and theoretical knowledge are essential, they ensure that students feel comfortable, confident, and prepared to navigate the roads. They understand that some of the classroom material can be challenging, so they make a concerted effort to make it engaging and enjoyable for everyone. All class locations and vehicles are meticulously maintained, providing a safe and comfortable space for learning. The bright and welcoming atmosphere fosters inclusivity, ensuring that all students feel valued and ready to absorb knowledge.
Flexible to Fit Your Busy Schedule
All State Driving School understands that learners of all ages lead busy lives. To accommodate different lifestyles, they offer a variety of time slots for classes. Whether you prefer weekend and evening classes throughout the year, 4-day holiday courses, or daytime summer classes, they strive to meet your scheduling needs. If you need to miss a class or require time off from your course, they allow you to make up those classes at a different time. Students have a full year from their start date to complete the entire course.
With their convenient pick-up and drop-off in-car lessons, All State Driving School goes the extra mile to cater to your schedule. They offer flexibility by coming to your desired location within the city, whether it’s after school, at home, or even during your one-hour lunch break at work. Their commitment is to accommodate you and provide lessons on your terms.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why All State Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“We were extremely fortunate to have All State Driving School train my son to drive. We had a somewhat terrible experience at another driving school, but fortunately they were able to demonstrate what a true, competent instructor performs. My son needed their approach of instruction since it was straightforward, forceful, and encouraging for him to feel confident and able to concentrate on the proper things. We are aware that they were a significant factor in his passing the test. I appreciate you, All State Driving School.”

“My son had a great time in his first lesson. His teacher was fantastic in person and provided even greater teaching. I can see why this location has a five-star rating. You can depend on them. timely and quite professional. They make a lot of effort to satisfy their customers. It astonished me that they offered a Monday night lesson from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. All State Driving School is fantastic!”

“They have the best instructors—mine actually cared that I became better with each lesson. He has over 26 years of teaching experience, which is why all of his reviews are 5 stars. I am a beginner driver, and he has been incredibly understanding and instructive; I feel like my confidence is growing with each class. He and All State Driving School are the greatest, and I strongly recommend them.”

“I chose All State Driving School and a particular instructor since a friend highly recommended them. The instructor was excellent. He was usually on time for my classes and very patient with me. On my first try, I was successful in passing the road exam. We appreciate all of your assistance and the skillful instruction provided by All State Driving School.”

“My time at All State Driving School was excellent. My instructor is highly professional, patient, and excellent at what he does. I barely made any mistakes when I passed the driving test. I'm grateful to All State Driving School for connecting me with a qualified instructor.”

CC Driving Academy

  • Language: English
  • Address: Online Driving School
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A recently established driving education network platform is dedicated to promoting the significance of driving safety. Their primary focus lies in imparting theoretical knowledge, conducting training sessions, and fostering skill development, all while upholding professionalism and integrity as fundamental principles.
The platform strives to establish an environment centered around the needs of its users, where customer feedback holds immense value. They meticulously select top-notch instructors to ensure the provision of a safe and comprehensive one-stop service for learners.
The learning process takes place within the local community, combining verbal explanations with practical application. Through their innovative road training techniques and personalized guidance, they prioritize the utmost satisfaction of their customers. With a strong commitment to the welfare of the general public, the platform relentlessly pursues innovation and sustainable growth, thereby benefiting both their business and the community as a whole.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why CC Driving Academy is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Learning how to drive with Evan Wang, is very comfortable. Had my G2 passed on the first try. He gave good tricks and tips for beginners. The entire learning experience went quite smooth.”

“I learn driving in this driving school. I am taught by coach Eric Zhang. He is a very nice coach. He can teach using both Chinese and English. His teaching is very systemic and detailed. Thank to Eric Zhang, I successfully pass G2 when I first attend road test.”

“Driving instructor was very patient and knowledgeable. I passed my G2 test in one try”

“I am new to driving and I am glad I met coach Jason Zhao. Passed G2 at my first attempt.”

Aqeel Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 4 Robert Speck Pkwy suite 1500, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S1
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Aqeel has served as a licensed Driving Instructor in Ontario since 1988, specializing in advanced driver training encompassing various aspects such as winter driving, handling adverse weather conditions, skid control, and collision avoidance techniques. Under Aqeel’s guidance, you will also gain expertise in expressway and rural road driving while holding a G1 license, ensuring your ability to drive safely on the 400-series freeways.
Experience Matters!
Rest assured, Aqeel possesses extensive experience and expertise in teaching. Having received training in advanced driver instruction at Oakville’s Skid Control School, Aqeel understands the essential elements required to nurture proactive and confident drivers. Enroll in his instruction to unlock your full potential as a skilled driver.
Motivation Matters!
Aqeel is deeply invested in your success, not just for today but also for the future. Throughout your learning journey, Aqeel will provide unwavering motivation to help you achieve your goals.
Patience Matters!
Recognizing that everyone learns in their own unique way, Aqeel is committed to tailoring his teaching approach to your specific needs. With innovative techniques and a supportive environment, he ensures that you acquire the necessary skills for safe driving.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Aqeel Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Teaching at Oakville’s Skid Control School demonstrated Aqeel’s ability to motivate and train people with a wide variety of needs and personalities. From nervous beginners to executives, Aqeel excelled at adapting to each person’s learning curve. These formative years give Aqeel a great depth of experience in the art of driver training and offer a highly professional approach to beginner driver education.”

“Aqeel Driving School Inc is a Ministry of Transportation Approved BDE course provider offering a range of training options for new drivers as well as those looking to refresh their skills.”

“Aqeel is an awesome professional instructor! He taught me the basic to advanced driving skills. With his clear and helpful instructions I was able to both pass my G2 and G road test the first time!”

“Aqeel is a great driving instructor. He has a tranquil way in educating you about the ways of the road. This relaxed method of practice helped me immensely in passing my G driving test on the very first try.”

“Best driving instructor out there. Ensures quality learning at all times and is patient and kind throughout every session. He helps you learn from your mistakes and makes sure you understand before continuing on. I highly recommend Aqeel driving school!!!”

Peter’s Driver Training

  • Language: English
  • Address: 356 Faith Dr Mississauga ON L5R 3Y6
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Welcome to Peter’s Driver Training! Congratulations on finding the perfect instructor! Here, students will have a professional and unforgettable experience that will shape their future. With 21 years of expertise in driving training, Peter caters to beginners and intermediate learners with diverse learning needs, including those who have recently immigrated to Canada. Their primary aim is to prepare all students to confidently operate a vehicle and ensure their safety on the road.
Peter’s Driver Training is a well-established school in the GTA, renowned for providing exceptional service to numerous families across generations. They have successfully worked with a diverse clientele, adapting to various languages and ensuring a seamless transition for their clients. Your instructor, Peter D’Souza, is fluent in English, Hindi, Konkani, and Marathi. They treat every student with respect and acknowledge their individuality.
Peter’s friendly and flexible approach accommodates learners of all ages, catering to their specific needs. In-person appointments for practical training are conducted, accompanied by an online course that complements the Beginners Driver Education Course, leading to higher success rates. Feel free to reach out to Peter to boost your confidence on the road and embark on a journey towards becoming a skilled driver.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Peter’s Driver Training is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Peter is an excellent driving instructor. He is very detailed in his teachings and equips you with all that is required to pass the driving test. I was able to gain confidence with driving in Canada and obtain my G license under Peter's training. I highly recommend Peter to anyone living in Mississauga. Thanks again Peter!”

“Thanks to Peter, I passed my G2 test in the first attempt. As a new immigrant with zero driving skills and doubts and fear, I was looking for a professional instructor and I am glad & grateful that I met Peter. I admire his discipline, professionalism, and instructing skills throughout my lessons. Thanks Peter for helping me overcome my fears, and becoming a safe and skilled driver. Strongly recommend Peter.”

“Peter's lessons were extremely informative and very reasonably priced for anyone looking to pass their G test. I personally booked one hour with Peter and he was very patient and helpful while giving meaningful feedback. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor who will help you actually pass your test!”

“Peter is simply the best driving instructor in Mississauga. He has over 25 years of experience and one of the reasons why I passed my final G road test on 1st try today 2/5/2023 :) A humble man whose rates are lesser than most instructors. He is very detail oriented and his techniques will give you the desired result. I would personally recommend Peter to anyone in Mississauga looking for driving classes. Simply the best!”

“Me and my husband have learnt my driving lessons from Peter. So glad I could learn from him. He makes sure all the driving techniques are known and not just for the sake of test. Very professional, friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend Perter Driver Training. God bless. Thank you Peter.”

Art of Canada Drivers

  • Language: English
  • Address: 169 Dundas St E #214, Mississauga, ON L5A 1W4
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Art of Canada Driving School is an MTO (Ministry of Transport of Canada) approved driving school with a clear vision of prioritizing Safety First. They offer flexible driving classes to accommodate their students’ schedules. With over a decade of experience in running driving schools, they have successfully trained and helped many students become responsible drivers.
They serve the community of Mississauga, Stoney Creek, and Grimsby region and are committed to ensuring that all their students have the right information. They are dedicated to teaching and practicing the right techniques to develop responsible and safe drivers who obey all Canadian standards. Their highly qualified and experienced driving instructors guide and assist students not only in learning safe driving, but also in enhancing their decision-making skills. They utilize confidence-building techniques that help students become safe and patient drivers on the road.
When choosing a driving school, it is important to be trained by specialists who possess in-depth knowledge of driving and the skills to train effectively. At Art of Canada Driving School, they focus not only on improving your driving skills, but also on giving you the confidence to drive safely and smoothly under any circumstances.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Art of Canada Drivers is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Had an amazing Driving experience with Mustafa from Art of Canada Driving School. I am very nervous and panicky when it comes to driving. But the instructor was very patient and calm while teaching me all the necessary pointers for clearing the exam. Very professional And polite. All his extra Points really helped me in clearing my G2 with ease. Could not have done without him.Cheers ! Highly Recommended.”

“I’ve got my G license today in one take. Mustafa is very professional and supportive. He provides even small details, tips and updated driving rules. Thank you very much Art of Canada driving school, especially to Mustafa.”

“I’ve just passed my G2 driving test today (first take only) and I’m over the moon right now! At first, I doubted myself but thankfully, I’ve found my instructor Mustafa who is indeed very good! He is so professional, patient, calm, and most importantly, knowledgeable as a driving instructor. I’ve learned a lot of road rules and regulations from him. I highly recommend Mustafa and of course, the Art of Canada Drivers Driving School.”

“Great driving school! My instructor was really patient with me and taught me very well. I highly recommend Art of Canada Drivers Driving School. Getting my G2 license wouldn't have been possible without my instructor's detailed instructions - first attempt on the driving test and passed!”

First Drivers

  • Language: English
  • Address: Online Driving School
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First Drivers, an authorized provider of the M.T.O Approved Beginner Driver Education Course, recognized by the Driving School Association of Ontario. With several years of experience, they proudly serve Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Waterdown, Hamilton, and Oakville. Their team consists of professionally trained instructors who ensure the highest level of expertise. All vehicles they provide for lessons are equipped with automatic transmission. They offer private in-car lessons, allowing for personalized instruction. Clients also have the opportunity to use their cars for the driving test. They understand the importance of flexibility and offer adaptable hours for in-car lessons. Additionally, they provide convenient pick-up and drop-off services for these lessons, ensuring easy access for their students.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why First Drivers is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Al has an amazing teaching style. I have been trying to learn how to do any sort of parking for month and he had taught me in one lesson. Highly recommend using first drivers for driving lessons!”

“First Drivers is an amazing passed my G2 road test the 1st time everyone should go to first drivers”

Yield Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 1759 Bloor St E, Mississauga, ON L4X 1S7
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Yield Driving School is an approved Ministry provider of the Beginners Drivers Education Course. They offer a combination of online digital learning and in-car lessons. YDS provides teenagers with the opportunity to become competent and safe drivers, ultimately obtaining their Ontario License in a fast-paced learning environment. Additionally, YDS caters to experienced foreign drivers, helping them brush up on their driving skills according to Ontario rules and regulations and acquire their Ontario G2 and/or G license.
Given the increasing cost of insurance and the rise in collisions in Ontario, Yield Driving School’s mission is to establish a reliable driving school that trains cooperative, sensible, and safe drivers for the future. They are dedicated to providing learners with top-quality education using cutting-edge methodologies. The classes offered are one-on-one private lessons with the instructor, ensuring undivided attention to the student’s performance. Yield Driving School specializes in helping apprehensive students overcome their fear of driving and assisting those who already have a driver’s license in honing their skills. Their packages are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of new drivers. The instructors at Yield Driving School are patient and highly skilled in utilizing specific driving routes that maximize student success and confidence.
Ministry Approved:
Yield Driving School is an approved and certified provider of beginner driving education courses by the Ministry of Transportation. With years of experience, they assure high quality and a great customer experience.
Online Digital Learning:
The instructors at Yield Driving School are friendly and effectively cover the course material, keeping it interesting. Overall, the experience has been solid, and it comes highly recommended.
Professional Instructors:
Yield Driving School has a diverse team of professional instructors, both male and female, who offer lessons. These instructors are patient and highly skilled in utilizing specific driving routes that enhance student success and confidence.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Yield Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“My experience at Yield School was perfect and I'm quite pleased with the results. Instructor was kind and knowledgeable about traffic laws and regulations. when i was driving, he paid close attention so that he could advise me on whatever I needed to work on and make me feel at ease.”

“Shahzad is a great instructor very patient and won't waste your time and money. He taught me everything I needed to know and had me ready to go after 4 classes. I highly recommend yield driving school”

“Shahzad is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. Always on time and very proactive .Passed my g2 test with him today at Mississauga temporary location. Would recommend him to everyone for their driving lessons.”

“I got my G2 from yield driving school. Instructor Shahzad is really good at teaching how to drive safely. He’s quite patient at teaching and never mind in repeating anything. His only focus is on teaching while driving, thats the best of him. He is also very punctual. So new drivers please give yield driving school a try for sure!”

G2G Xpert Drivers

  • Language: English
  • Address: 4376 Trailmaster Dr, Mississauga, ON L5V 1E3
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In 2020, G2G XPERT DRIVERS was founded to offer driver education courses at reasonable prices to all members of society. They have successfully achieved this objective and are setting a higher standard for driver education. Their goal is to prepare safe drivers who can defend themselves on the road, while also teaching students the defensive driving techniques required to pass the road test.
Since their inception, G2G XPERT DRIVERS has been guided by two fundamental values that serve as the foundation of their entire business. First and foremost, they view driving as a “life skill.” They believe that driving is not just a pastime that can be lived without but a privilege and essential component of modern existence. They emphasize the importance of driving with the appropriate attitude, knowledge, and skills, as individuals behind the wheel are responsible for the safety of others on the road.
Their second guiding principle is based on the legal maxim that “not knowing the law is not an excuse for breaking the law.” To uphold this principle, they ensure that their comprehensive 40-hour course (20 hours online, 10 hours HomeLink, and 10 hours in-car) covers all the necessary safety and legal guidelines associated with this vital “life skill” of driving. G2G XPERT DRIVERS is committed to equipping their students with the knowledge and understanding required to drive safely and responsibly on the road.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why G2G Xpert Drivers is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“I failed my G test twice.One of my friends reffered me to driving instructor Mian Munawar Ali and said he is the right person to take driving lessons from for me.My friend was right! Mr. Ali is extremely polite, professional, and experienced. My experience with him was exceeded my expectations.He helped me to gain more confidence and necessary skills when driving! I greatly benefited from his wealth of experience. He explained all the rules, and what the examiner looks for. I passed my G road test after taking only few lessons from him. I wanted to take more lessons from him however he said no need any more lessons which surprised me. He is definitely one in a million who is not after money! I will 100% recommend Mr. Ali to anyone. My experience with G2G Xpert drivers School was a great one!!!!”

“Passed my G test. I took lessons from G2G instructor Munawar. Very thorough driving instructor. Really helpful. I would recommend getting lessons from him even if you have driving experience after G2.”

“I had a great experience with G2G expert drivers. Munawar clearly and patiently explains what the instructor is looking for, shares tips necessary to pass the test. He is knowledgable and experienced, knows the routes well. I cleared my G test in first attempt when I was nervous to even attempt it. He made sure that I took my time to feel confident. I'll recommend Munawar Ali to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor”

“I had an excellent experience with G2G XPERT DRIVERS Driving school and would recommend them to everyone. Mr Mian Munawar Ali, my instructor, was very professional and went out of his way to ensure I clear my G Road Test. He not only teaches you how to drive safely, but also assists you in passing your driving exam. He was very patient and extremely observant and made me repeat some actions till he ensured I had enough confidence to clear G in my very first attempt. I highly suggest him since he is a patient and skilled instructor.”

AZAN Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: Mississauga Ontario, L5V 2B1
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AZAN Driving School establishes itself as an institute for learning safe driving. Their team of professionals focuses on teaching the traffic rules and regulations of the road. They feel their learning techniques build the confidence for great drivers in years to come.

Foundation Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 1001 Fowler Dr, Mississauga, ON L5K 1B6
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While it may seem that all driving schools offer the same fundamental services, the quality across these schools can vary significantly. Here are the top 5 things you need to evaluate when searching for a driving school to make sure that you receive a quality education.
1. Confirm that the school is MTO approved: It is essential to ensure that they are approved by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).
2. Compare prices, but don’t cheap out: While it’s important to compare prices, it is advised not to opt for the cheapest option as it may compromise the quality of education.
3. Check if the school is online-first: It is worth checking if they prioritize an online-first approach, offering digital learning options.
4. Determine who your instructor will be before paying: It is recommended to find out who your instructor will be before making any payments, ensuring that they align with your needs and have the necessary qualifications.
5. Learn more about the in-car curriculum: Take the time to gather information about their in-car curriculum to understand the specific skills and techniques you will learn during practical training.
Additionally, they offer convenient scheduling six days a week. They specialize in helping nervous drivers and the elderly, providing a supportive learning environment. Their rates are reasonable, ensuring quality service at affordable prices. They also offer the option to use their training car for road tests, adding convenience to the licensing process.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Foundation Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Syed is a good instructor, I passed my G once under his tutelage. You will definitely get value for money from Foundation Driving School. He is one of the best, I can assure you.”

“I had a great experience taking lessons with my instructor Syed Husssain! Syed was very helpful in providing feedback for me to improve my driving skills. As a student with some driving experience from another country, Syed provided great advice for me to help with my adjustment to build road confidence, and I am really appreciative of that! Syed is also a very caring instructor and is accommodating when I made some beginner's mistakes on the road. Would definitely recommend Foundation Driving School to new learners in the Missassauga area!”

“I recently completed my driver's education course at Foundation Driving School, and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. From start to finish, the staff at Foundation Driving School was professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. The instruction portion of the course was engaging and informative. The instructor presented the material in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand and retain. When it came time for the driving lessons, I was matched with an experienced and patient instructor who helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel. They were able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and tailor the lessons accordingly, which helped me progress quickly and build my confidence on the road. Overall, I highly recommend Foundation Driving School to anyone looking to learn how to drive. The combination of excellent personalized driving lessons makes for a comprehensive and effective learning experience. Thank you, Foundation Driving School, for helping me become a safe and confident driver!”

“Foundation driving school is one of the best driving school in GTA and Mr. Afzal Hussain is one of the best professional driving instructor very friendly and cooperative. We are very satisfied and would like to recommend for everyone to contact him for driving classes to save your time and money .”

FAQs about Driving Schools in Mississauga, Ontario

Turning 16 is an important milestone in life, with its promise of more freedom and independence. Getting a driver’s license is a large part of that.
At age 16 in Ontario, you can write your G1 driving test and begin the process of earning a full driver’s license. Preparing for the test involves learning the rules of the road and understanding the issues involved in operating a vehicle on the road in all kinds of conditions.
To obtain a driver’s license in Ontario, you must be able to fulfill all three of these criteria, according to the Ontario.ca website:

  • be at least 16 years old
  • pass a vision test (with glasses or contact lenses if necessary)
  • pass the written test on rules of the road and traffic signs and signals

Applicants who are under 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian when going for the written G1 test.
Drivers need a wide array of knowledge to be able to handle the situations they encounter on the road. Here are some examples:

  • how to handle four-way stops
  • what to watch for in school zones
  • how to get out of a skid on an icy or wet road
  • how to handle fatigue on long trips

You can learn about the rules of the road and the challenges of driving through:

Trubicars offers an interactive curriculum covering the different driving situations and scenarios that you are likely to encounter. Topics covered in this course include:

  • license classifications (G, M, etc.)
  • dashboard symbols and warning lights
  • signal lights, headlights, brakes, and other controls
  • basic rules of the road, such as speed limits, right-of-way rules, etc.
  • issues such as driver fatigue, hazardous road conditions, the needs of different road users (such as cyclists or pedestrians), etc.

Once you feel that you know the material well enough, you can book a test at a Service Ontario Centre or DriveTest Centre.
Information on locations and booking an appointment is available at the Service Ontario Service Finder website: https://www.services.gov.on.ca/sf/?_ga=2.234152093.2040431062.1611594312-1433769550.1609993166#/oneServiceDetail/137/ip/sr/t.
Testing sites are located in many towns and cities around the province of Ontario. Scroll down the page on the Service Finder site to search for information on testing sites in different cities and towns in the province. You can search for sites in your town or check in a larger center nearby.
Before going for your appointment, be sure that you have prepared for the test. If you need glasses or contact lenses to see properly, be sure to have them with you.

Also be sure to have money to pay the test fee and anything else that you might need, such as allergy medication
or wrist braces. You want to have as few barriers as possible to passing the test.

Before you go for your test, check the website for the list of valid documents to be sure that you have the correct identification before going to write your test.
Also, remember to take the original documents with you as copies will not be accepted.

As the Service Ontario website explains, you will need identification giving:

  • your legal name
  • your date of birth
  • your signature

You are allowed to retake the G1 test if you fail the first time. However, retaking the G1 test involves time and money,
besides delaying your freedom to drive yourself wherever you want to go. With the right material helping you along, you
can pass the test the first time you write it.

With no interactive features, the handbook relies on a plain recital of the facts. Most people have trouble learning that way.
The Trubicars system is different. We include:

  • videos and other audiovisual segments to help engage students
  • questions and points for further consideration to encourage students to engage personally with the issues
  • material that appeals to the whole person, rather than just the intellect
  • a wide range of topics, from beginner concepts to advanced material
  • a more effective way to study for the G1, G2, and G tests and to gain a lifelong understanding of driving
  • easy-to-remember tips for safe driving
  • a step-by-step approach that gives insights into the whole process of driving, rather than just a part of it