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    Looking for Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario? Your search ends here! Trubicars has compiled a comprehensive list of top-notch Government-approved Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario just for you.

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    Rest assured, all the driving schools featured here are MTO-approved BDE course providers. We are committed to assisting you in selecting the finest Driving School in Brampton, Ontario that meets your specific needs. Our detailed information will include rates, reviews, and much more.

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    Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? We certainly are! Let's begin.

Best Driving Schools in Brampton Ontario Best Driving Schools in Brampton
Trubicars Team

The Trubicars Team has created a list of the top driving schools in Brampton, Ontario for you.

Pass Guarantee

100% MTO Approved

BDE Course Providers

The Cost of Brampton, Ontario Driving Schools

Prior to discussing the premier driving schools in Brampton, Ontario, let's delve into the cost of driving lessons in the area. The good news is that driving lessons in Brampton, Ontario is quite affordable. To get an idea of the average cost, please refer to the table below.

G2 Lesson $45 per hour
G Lesson $45 Per Hour
Basic Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Package. This includes 30 hours of MTO-approved online driving course and 10 hours of in-car driving lessons. $649 Plus Tax

The Best Driving School in Brampton, Ontario

According to Trubicars, these are the best MTO-approved Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.

Good Drivers Training Centre

  • Language: English
  • Address: 10095 Bramalea Rd #201, Brampton, ON L6R 0K1
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Established in 1981, Good Drivers has strived to offer high-quality driver education programs at an affordable cost, catering to individuals from all walks of life. Throughout the years, they have consistently achieved this objective and are constantly pushing the boundaries in driver training. Their primary emphasis lies in equipping students with defensive driving techniques that not only enable them to pass the road test but, more importantly, cultivate the ability to safeguard themselves on the road amidst the unpredictable actions of other drivers.
They offer driver education programs at affordable rates to individuals of all age groups. Their team of professional instructors is certified by the Ministry of Transportation, possesses extensive experience, and displays exceptional patience and courtesy. Through their comprehensive training packages, they take great pride in achieving a remarkable 90% first-time pass rate.
Their instructors ensure that learners are equipped to handle various driving conditions, including city driving, highway driving, and nighttime driving, and with a special emphasis on mastering winter driving skills. Every vehicle at Good Drivers is equipped with dual brakes, mirrors, and is appropriately insured for instructional purposes. The administrative staff is well-informed, highly experienced, and amicable. They provide unwavering support and guidance throughout the Driver Training Program until individuals obtain their coveted Driver’s License.
As an approved course provider by the Ministry and a valued member of the Ontario Safety League, they offer a certificate program that entitles participants to substantial insurance discounts and a notable reduction of four months in the waiting period. Good Drivers has been bestowed with the prestigious Consumer Choice Award for the GTA West Area, a testament to their exceptional service and customer satisfaction.
Every instructor at Good Drivers has undergone thorough criminal background checks and holds CPR certification. They take great pride in their comprehensive training packages, resulting in an impressive 93% first-time pass rate.
The instructors are dedicated to ensuring that learners are equipped to drive under all conditions, including city driving, highway driving, nighttime driving, and with a particular focus on honing winter driving skills. Each vehicle at Good Drivers is equipped with dual brakes and mirrors, and they are appropriately insured for instructional purposes.
The administrative staff possesses extensive knowledge, years of experience, and a friendly demeanor. They are committed to providing complete assistance and guidance throughout the Driver Training Program, supporting learners every step of the way.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Good Drivers Training Center is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Taran Sohal

“Good Drivers Brampton provides an exceptional service. Mohammad is best instructor. I got the great privilege of learning driving skills from him. He is highly professional. I passed my G2 test at the first attempt and I am thankful for his help…!! I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone who is in search of an professional instructor. Good luck !!”

thushara praveen

“Good Drivers Brampton provides an exceptional service. AK is a top-notch instructor. I got the great privilege of learning driving skills from him. I would like to say that he is highly professional and incredibly patient. Getting training from him is worthy and guarantee success. He has a sincere and remarkable dedication to his work. I passed my G test at the first attempt and I am thankful for his help…!! I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone who is in search of an excellent driving instructor. Good luck !!”

Kyasha Stanislaus

“Good drivers Brampton is one of the best driving school ever!! They are very professional and easy to work with, they have an amazing team and I definitely recommend this school to any new learners ready to start driving. Instructor Mohammad was very good and professional, very patient, I learned a lot from him and I passed my G2 license today. I definitely recommend this organization to everyone and their prices are very reasonable!!”

sathya priya

“I am grateful for all the support of the Good Drivers. This is my first attempt at G2 and I passed it yesterday. I was so scared to drive but my instructor Muhammad was the one who gave the encouragement and made this happen. I do not have confidence in whether I will be able to pass the test but my instructor Muhammad was so supportive and provided me with all the lessons with more detail with patience. I am so thankful and truly appreciate the confidence you show in me. I highly recommend Muhammad for your driving classes to pass and thank you Veronica for all your support. Thank you so much. ”

dinelle ramlogan

“Highly recommend Good Drivers. Their instructor Mr. Mohammed was truly patient and an excellent instructor. I thankfully passed by G2 today with his guidance. He was always on time and organized. Can’t wait to work with him for my “G” test next!”

Everything you need to know to confidently pass your Ontario G1 test.

Questions are taken directly from the MTO Driver’s handbook, which will help you pass your test the first time. Guaranteed.

Yes, I want to pass the first time


Competent Drivers

  • Language: English
  • Address: 965 Bovaird Dr W, Brampton, ON L6X 0G3
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Vision: Devoted individuals with an unwavering commitment to the art of driving.
Values: Their Driving School is actively transforming the driving culture in North America, striving to minimize road accidents.
Mission: Their dedicated Driving School prioritizes the safety and convenience of their customers. They are resolute in their mission to decrease the occurrence of road fatalities and injuries.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Competent Drivers is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5


“Sam, my driving instructor was very helpful and patient. He was never short on sharing tips and advise regarding the road and driving. I am glad that I chose Competent Drivers, now I passed my G2 and working my way to getting my full G with Sam's instructions and guidance in mind.Thank you to Sam and the staff for being accommodating. More blessings to this company's future ventures."

Kaitlyn Pariag

“I had a great experience at Competent Drivers!! From the beginning, they were very kind and prompt with setting up the BDE course and driving lessons. Khan was my driving instructor and was very good at explaining how to do different maneuvers as well as other techniques to boost my confidence and help me pass my g2! I will definitely be going back to get lessons for my g! Definitely highly recommend!!”

Olivia Omogiate

“I had a great experience with Competant Drivers for both my G2 and G test. They have amazing personable instructors who teach with so much patience. I highly recommend this driving school.”

Joycelyn Brown

“I had a great experience with this driving school. My instructor Sam was very patient, encouraging, and helpful during my lessons and helped me to pass my G2 test on the first try. I 100% recommend Competent Drivers!”

Vidhyasagar Chitharanjan Doss

“Hi, I am Vidhyasagar, a new driver. I was worried about getting a G2 but instructor Sam was very helpful and polite. He gave me the confidence to get the G2 and was always motivating. Thank you Sam and to the Competent Drivers driving school😊”

Peel Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 2130 N Park Dr unit 243, Brampton, ON L6S 5M4
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Introducing Peel Driving School, a renowned institution providing driving lessons in English, Hindi, and Punjabi, accompanied by complimentary pickup and drop-off services. With a dedicated instructor named Jasmeet Tatla, who brings over 1 year of experience in driver instruction, the school offers comprehensive training for aspiring drivers.
Peel Driving School offers a range of options to cater to individual preferences. Students can opt for either individual or group lessons, and both classroom and on-road instruction are available. The classroom sessions cover essential topics such as road regulations, defensive driving techniques, and proper vehicle maintenance. On-road instruction provides students with valuable hands-on experience, allowing them to practice their driving skills in real-world scenarios while being guided by a seasoned instructor.
Whether you are a novice driver embarking on your driving journey or someone seeking to refine their existing skills, Peel Driving School is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your goals.
When considering your driving needs, Peel Driving School stands out for numerous compelling reasons. Apart from their convenient pick-up and drop-off services, they take pride in offering the following benefits:
1. Affordable rates: They provide cost-effective pricing options to make driver education accessible to all.
2. Flexible scheduling: They understand the importance of accommodating your busy schedule, and thus, they offer flexible time slots to cater to your availability.
3. Experienced, certified instructors: Their team consists of skilled instructors who hold the necessary certifications and possess extensive experience in the field of driver education.
4. Wide range of services: In addition to standard driving lessons, they also offer services such as license renewal assistance and comprehensive preparation for the road test, ensuring that they meet all your driving-related requirements.
By choosing Peel Driving School, you can expect exceptional service, tailored instruction, and a commitment to helping you achieve your driving goals.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Peel Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Guraya Simran

“i checked reviews for Peel trcuk driving school and then joined the school there is best service provided by the professional instrctors and every day backing and on road traiing i will suggest veryone to join this school”

Great Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 373 Steeles Ave W, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
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Our students and graduates will perceive GREAT CAR DRIVING SCHOOL as a reliable leader in quality, viewing them as nothing short of the utmost excellence in providing and collaborating with them to strive for and attain their goals in shaping their future.
As the driving forces propelling Great Car Driving School forward, they will share a fervent interest in making their Company the epitome of excellence in their industry, deriving satisfaction and confidence that can only be achieved by a thriving driving school.
They will consistently conduct their school and business affairs in a legal and socially responsible manner. They will be renowned for their outstanding safety practices and achievements, both within the work environment and on public roads, ensuring the utmost safety for all. Embracing their motto, they firmly prioritize “safety above all”.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Great Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Gursimran Kaur

“I passed my G2 and G test with Great Driving School. They are amazing at teaching every single detail. They are nice and commited. Thank you soo much for helping me get my licence. I highly recommend this school to everyone.”


“Great Driving school have wonderful instructors, both Sharan and Baljinder have great teaching skills, they are patient, understanding and always willing to assist. They care so much about their students and go that extra mile in making sure that you understand perfectly the rules and regulations of the road. I will always recommend this driving school to anyone looking for where to learn how to drive.”

Nav Rana

“The trainer of “Great Driving School” is really amazing specially Gurwinder Sir. They have amazing skill of Driving lesson along with the way of teaching is like a diamond. Apart from it, they are friendly in nature and in code of conduct. After 3 lesson I cleared my road test. Overall, Excellent School to accomplishing road test.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

its- shivam

“The best driving school in brampton. Today I passed my g with first attempt and i got my g2 from them in my first attempt, I highly recommend to give great driving a chance. Trust me you wont regret it. Again Thankyou so much gurwinder paji again.”

AAA Top Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 83 Kennedy Rd S Unit 1804, Brampton, ON L6W 3P3
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At their institute, they empathize with the frustration of not being able to operate a vehicle. That’s precisely why their courses are meticulously tailored to assist individuals in acquiring and applying the essential skills of proficient driving. Their team of highly qualified driving instructors is dedicated to guiding students through each necessary stage, ensuring that they emerge as competent and confident drivers, fully prepared for the challenges of the road. With certified driving instructors in Brampton and state-of-the-art classrooms, they cultivate a positive learning environment that fosters optimal growth for every student. If you are eager to become a skilled driver, rest assured that their team of exceptional professionals is committed to helping you reach your goal.
The AAA Top Driving School was founded with the aim of offering an economical driver education program to all novice drivers. Their main objective revolves around imparting defensive driving skills to all incoming students, enabling them to successfully clear their road tests. Moreover, their mission is to equip these new drivers with the necessary tools to ensure their safety on the road, even in the face of unpredictable actions from other drivers.
All of their driving instructors in Brampton possess valid licenses, utilize vehicles equipped with dual brakes and mirrors, and hold insurance coverage to cater specifically to the needs of new drivers.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why AAA Top Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Jasmine EL

“Excellent experience with AAA Top Driving School and the instructor Sabin. Sabin was very thorough and strategic with her teaching methods during in car lessons. She was always calm, patient and highly motivational. Thank you Sabin for your guidance and helping me gain the confidence I needed to drive! I highly recommend this school and instructor. I will definitely be coming back for more lessons for my G license 😊”

Dhwani Dagha

“I did my complete course including BDE+10 car lessons with AAA top driving school. They recommended to do the theory first before starting off on road, which was a useful advice totally. I was provided flexible dates and timings to accommodate my work schedule. Lastly, my instructor was very patient, polite, knowledgeable and well experienced. I have cleared my G2 test in the first attempt this week. Hope to see the school again for G lessons next year soon.”

Neha A.

“I got my G2 and G lessons from Sabin at AAA Driving School and it was an overall fantastic experience. She was extremely kind and patient while helping me understand driving rules and improve my overall driving skills. Throughout our lessons she gave me guidance and tips to ensure I would succeed in passing my test. I can confidentially say that Sabin helped me prepare for my test in a professional manner and improve my overall confidence through her positive attitude and uplifting enthusiasm. I would highly recommend Sabin and AAA driving school to anyone looking for an affordable and professional driver instructor that’ll help them pass their driving test in their first try!”

Bhawna Sharma

“Wonderful experience, Mr. Paramjeet was my instructor, who has been very patient, motivating and helpful in guiding me throughout my practice for G Drive test. The cost of education is reasonable and competitive with respect to other driving schools in market. The overall education has been pretty good, Felt quite comfortable and secure as well. Finally today I passed and secured my G Driving License as well. Thanks to Mr. Paramjeet and AAA Top Driving school.”

The Rey Gun

“Excellent service AAA service. As the name says, I was a beginner at driving and was scared. When I took this course, I am now very confident of my driving and pass my test with ease. Definitely recommend going to this place!!! Staff was very friendly, and always help if you need assistance.”

AAA Planet Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 1. 230 Sandalwood Parkway (E), Unit#204 Brampton ON, L6Z 1R3
    2. 60 Lacoste Blvd, Unit#208 Brampton ON, L6P 2K2
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AAA Planet takes great pride in the esteemed reputation they have cultivated within the driving community. With years of experience under their belt, they have established a diverse range of services. Customer satisfaction has always been their top priority, and they are delighted to affirm that it remains as such.
Their dedicated defensive driving program, known as the Beginner Driving Education (BDE) course, is specifically designed to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones on the road.
Their team consists of highly qualified, experienced, friendly, and patient instructors. Through a combination of comprehensive theoretical instruction and practical on-road experience, they will equip you with the skills needed to pass your road test and maintain safety on the roads.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why AAA Planet Driving school is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Rebeca Arellano

“I am beyond happy that I chose Aaa planet driving as my choice for driving school. Not only are they attentive and informative but they have amazing instructors. I was place with the instructor Luna. I was so scared at first because of course I was learning to drive but she made me feel so confident and comfortable. She takes her time to explain and draws everything out for you before she begins her lessons. She teaches you about the car and goes over car rules with you before proceeding to drive into the streets. She is so bubbly and pleasant to be around with and will never make you feel bad for any mistakes you make. She encourages you to keep practising and makes sure that by the end of the 10 classes you are ready for your test. Honestly it was a pleasure having her as my instructor. If anyone wants to every sign up for lessons don’t forget to ask for Luna! You won’t regret it 😊"

Abhijit Deshmukh

“Had a wonderful experience choosing AAA planet driving school. They are very professional and thorough with their teaching and have a conducive learning environment. Interactive session made it fun and informative for us to learn safe driving. Will recommend it to any newcomers who are looking at joining a good driving school.”

Tasha Perera

“I had an amazing experience with AAA driving school. Both the in class and driving instructors are very caring and constantly ensure that everyone understands the material being taught. During class students are frequently asked questions and engaged in conversation through various games and videos, ultimately making the entire experience amazing. I was always comfortable to ask questions and partake in activities based on how encouraging the instructor was!”

Felicia Sterling

“Maha as well as the other colleagues are very respectful, professional and very knowledgeable with their job. It was a very nice and friendly environment. They had always made students feel confident and comfortable with coming to the school & one thing I noticed from the start was that their goal was always to make sure we are the best of best drivers when we start to go out on the road. Overall I enjoyed my time at this driving school and I would recommend AAA planet to others for sure.”

Professional Drivers of Canada

  • Language: English
  • Address: 2120 N Park Dr #207, Brampton, ON L6S 0C9
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Established in 2013, Professional Drivers of Canada Inc. is a renowned company dedicated to ensuring the expertise and adaptability of their drivers in adverse driving conditions. With a highly experienced staff boasting 20 years of driving experience, they equip their team with the necessary tools to handle drivers of all types effectively. Their primary objective is to provide their drivers with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to navigate any challenging driving situation.

Jeff’s Brampton Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 96 Dumfries Ave, Brampton, ON L6Z 2X7
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Since 2004, Jeff’s Brampton Driving School has taken great pride in delivering top-notch driver training to students hailing from Brampton, Mississauga, and Caledon.
As an instructor with extensive experience, they hold licenses from both the province of Ontario and the city of Brampton.
The reason behind their outstanding reputation in providing exceptional driving instruction lies in the accomplishments of the numerous students they have had the privilege to educate throughout the years.
Their objective has consistently been to deliver a tailored and individualized approach to driver training.
They recognize that each student possesses a distinct combination of learning aptitude and personality. This understanding enables them to concentrate on the specific requirements of every individual.
Therefore, whether you are a guardian of a teenager or an apprehensive adult driver, they ensure that you receive the utmost quality in driver training offered in Brampton and the neighboring area.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Jeff’s Brampton Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Guneet Mahal

“I recently took lessons with Jeff for my G test. Jeff is an amazing driving instructor and I highly recommend him!! He was always so thorough in his explanations of rules and practices and gave feedback I could work on in his lessons. He was very knowledgeable and always answered my questions about the driving test or about certain rules. He is also professional and has very reasonable pricing. I have had other driving instructors in the past for my g2 but Jeff is definitely the best! I passed on the first try thanks to his help! "

Anna Strok

" Jeff taught me everything I know about driving, starting from the parking lot! Awesome teacher and person! Because of his help I passed my G2 test in brampton and G test in Orangeville on my first tries! Very patient and experienced teacher, he says it like it is! Jeff will always notice your problem areas and pay extra close attention to them to ensure you feel prepared and safe behind the wheel 😊 "

Anna Bojanczyk

“Jeff is a great instructor. He's straightforward and clear and prepares you well for the road test. I passed my G2 road test in Brampton on the first try after taking lessons with him. I will definitely be going back to him to prepare for my G road test.”

Nava Medikonda

“I've never driven before, and I got my G2 on my first attempt with Jeffs Training. He's easy to work with, and he’ll be very straight but detailed when teaching a new or existing driver. My recommendation is to take at least one, two hour class with Jeff when doing the 10 hour on road training.”

Simran Boparai

“Jeff is an amazing driving instructor! I passed my G2 last week after taking the course and lessons with him. He is punctual, patient and very knowledgeable. He takes his time providing explanations for everything that he teaches and offers helpful tips. I feel more confident with my driving skills because of him and highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone!!”

AAA-Four Star Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 341 Main St N Suite #210, Brampton, ON L6X 3C7
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AAA FOUR STAR DRIVING SCHOOL is a name that is renowned for professionalism and expert car driving training. Their goal is to bring out the utmost potential in their students. One of their primary objectives is to advocate for safe driving practices. With more than three decades of experience in Brampton, their instructors are highly skilled and specialized in their respective fields.
Approved by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), their online driving course provides a convenient opportunity to learn driving skills from the comfort of home. The course offers:
1. Safety
2. E-Learning
3. Expert Guidance
4. 24/7 Online Availability

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why AAA-Four Star Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Samantha Colangelo

“I just got my G2 and couldn’t be happier! Malik was my driving instructor. When I first started, I hadn’t driven in a long time, and was nervous. But, Malik was helpful, patient, and extremely encouraging. I felt comfortable and confident in my driving very fast. He answered any questions I had as well as cleared up any confusion. It was also easy to book lessons with him on the days I wanted. AAA FOUR STAR was more affordable than any other driving school as well. I 100% recommend this driving school, especially Malik as an instructor!”

Archie Deang

“Awesome experience, great instructor, Big help and support in getting me passed my G exam. I just passed my G road test today for the 1st time. my examiner congratulated me at the end of the road test and commented that I did a great job. Thanks for my friends for recommending AAA four star driving school. Thanks to my driving instructor Sajid Malik. God bless”

juliana cava

“I found AAA four star driving school on google and noticed what amazing reviews they had. On the other hand they are more cheaper than a lot of other Driving School‘s out there. I started around the beginning of April and finished with them at the beginning of June. I started driving school to be able to hopefully get my G2. And that is exactly what happened. The online portion was super understandable and super organized, and the Incorp portion was just as good. The driving instructor was super nice and taught me all of the proper techniques and the proper ways of the road and how to do everything properly. Two days ago I went for my G2 and like I said I was successful and I did get my G2. I would 100% recommend this Driving School for anyone who wants to get their G2, Because there is no doubt that you won’t pass”

C Duh

“My instructor was Malik & I found him to be punctual, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He made the testing process seem so seamless. I would highly recommend AAA 4 star driving school!”

Jagpreet Padda

“Mr. Noor Malik - what an exceptional instructor! A bit strict but none else can be more efficient at helping others to enhance their driving skills. He knows exactly how to polish strengths and hone weaknesses of his pupils. Thus, I was able to achieve my G2 driver’s license at the very first attempt at Mississauga location of Drive Test. In addition to high-grade quality of driving training, the AAA Four Star driving school has much more affordable prices than other driving schools in the city. All in all, this is a well recommended choice for brand new student drivers 👌🏽”

ABC Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 134 Queen St E Suite LL1, Brampton, ON L6V 1B2
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ABC Driving School has a rich heritage, boasting a remarkable 45 years of experience. They have achieved a remarkable level of diversification. They invite industry experts as guest speakers to their lessons, such as Police Officers, Drinking and Driving Prevention advocates, Fire Department personnel, and Ex-Examiners.
Upon completion of the program at ABC and successfully passing your initial road test, you will gain the ability to drive independently, even on freeways and during nighttime hours. Their Defensive Driving program serves as a fundamental cornerstone for all student drivers. With their newly introduced Flagship Standard course, your loved ones could not be in more capable hands.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why ABC Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Tiff Nicholson

“I had an amazing experience with ABC Driving School. I especially enjoyed my driving instructor Maged, he was very helpful and thorough when it came to teaching me how to drive and showing me easy techniques. Because of him I passed my G2 test on my first try.”

John Teng

“Took my G2 lessons with ABC Driving School 4yrs ago and recently took a refresher course before my G test with the same school. I strongly recommend going with Tony Q, highly intelligent on the road and respectful in the car. He is aware of anything and everything, he adapts to your driving skills and helps tremendously on your weaknesses. After my refresher course, I had no doubt in my mind that I would pass. Tony Q is the best instructor that I could suggest, if you fail after having Tony Q as your instructor, it is only because you didn't believe in your skills as much as Tony Q believed in them! 10/10 experience with this instructor, great all around guy and I wish him the best moving forward! Thanks Tony for all your help, much appreciated!”

samantha cipriano

“I would definitely recommend ABC driving school and if you could ask for TONY Q. I have used ABC twice and had tony as my instructor both times. ( reason for using twice was for G2 prep and refresher lessons for G). Tony is the best. He's patient and takes his time teaching his students. He never rushes the lessons and pays 100% attention to what your doing. He answers any questions you may have that leave you feeling confident. He's simply the best driving instructor any student can ask for. Thank you tony for everything because of you I have my license and feel confident driving everyday especially the highway!. Any students reading this review trust me get tony you won't be disappointed and I guarantee you will get your license with him teaching you!. After I passed my G the other day I said tony your a driving God lol. Once again thank you ABC driving school and Tony Q.”

Black Elegance

“Maged is an excellent driving instructor who is passionate, patient and hard working. Maged takes his time teaching student drivers and provides extensive detail alongside useful techniques which can be applied during all levels of driving instruction. ABC driving school is a school I'd highly recommend. "

Auto Star Driver Training

  • Language: English
  • Address: 49 Hillcrest Ave #208, Brampton, ON L6W 4V4
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When it comes to Auto Star Driving School, they are adamant about establishing a precedent. They place utmost importance on prioritizing their students and their well-being. The achievements of their students serve as the ultimate reward. All members of their team, whether in the classroom or out on the road, adhere to the same principles. They are devoted and highly knowledgeable in the art of coaching students to unlock their maximum potential. The team takes great pride in their dedication and accountability, ensuring that you, as their student, receive comprehensive education and gain confidence to embark on your journey alongside the countless motorists on the road today.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Auto Star Driver Training is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Vinisha D'Souza

“Harbhajan is the best driving instructor in and around Brampton. He was so professional and very informative, I liked the way he assisted me in learning. I am a new driver(did not drive back home) and I cleared my G2 in Brampton in first attempt just by taking 4-5 classes. Frankly speaking, the instructor made it very easy for me to achieve this. Thanks a lot!”

gaurav p

“Auto-Star Driving School is an amazing driving school for anyone looking to learn to drive! The teacher is super nice and friendly and always corrects your mistakes when you make them, without getting mad. Its super helpful and teaches you how to drive safely! I would recommend it to anyone looking to anyone who wants to learn to be a safe and good driver!”

Manisha Paramdial

“Very good driving instructor. Very kind and helpful. Helped me pass my g2 road test.”

himmat d

“I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone! I did both my in-class and in-car lessons and received exceptional training. The driving instructor is remarkable and helped me pass my G2 test on my first try. He was even able to get me my G2 test the day after I asked even when tests were booked for the whole year.”

Oxford Driver’s Education

  • Language: English
  • Address: 8887 The Gore Rd Unit #46, Brampton, ON L6P 2K9
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Founded in 2002, Oxford Driver’s Education provides MTO approved beginner driving education courses. Their commitment is to deliver exceptional training that surpasses your expectations. Their goal is to equip you with a solid knowledge base, fostering your confidence and ensuring your safety as a driver. Oxford Driver’s Education will impart all the necessary skills and information for your preparedness on the road. Their team consists of highly skilled and experienced instructors.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Oxford Driver’s Education is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Dhruv Patel

“I have been given just 7 driving Lessons for My G exam, it wasn’t only for Licence but it was an exceptional experience and training provided by Great Driving Instructors. They put in so much effort so I personally felt that going forward if I will obey rules and techniques that they have taught me, I will be a Perfect and, importantly Safe driver. Of course, I passed my G test at very 1st attempt. I would highly recommend whoever reading my review will definitely come to know that’s really True if you experience it. Thanks to Oxford Driving Education!! 🙏”

Jagroop Jandir

“They helped me pass the test, honestly, if it was not for the people at Oxford Drivers education I would have not passed my G2 drivers’ test. The instructors here are nice and thorough, teaching you all the skills and tips you need to pass the test.”

Dhruv Bagga

“Absolutely great driving school. The instructors are kind and thoughtful, ensuring I pass my G test on my first attempt. I can’t recommend a better driving school than Oxford!”

Gautam Ravulapati

“I didn’t have any driving experience previously. The Oxford driving classes were very helpful. I passed my G2 exam yesterday on my first attempt. Grateful for all the guidance and support from Tina (instructor) and Preet (instructor). They have my recommendation. All the best.”

Divine Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 25 Rosewell Cres, Georgetown, ON L7G 0N3
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Established in 2020, Divine Driving School emerged as a result of Emmanuel Nana Yaw Aidoo’s unwavering dedication and passion for serving the students of GTA. Since 2016, Emmanuel has been diligently working as a Driving Instructor, satisfying the increasing demand for their exceptional services. Driven by this demand and their vision to elevate driving standards in Ontario, Emmanuel conceived the idea of a Digital Online Driving School with a unique name, DIVINE, to cater to the theoretical aspects of driving.
At Divine Driving School, they take pride in their unparalleled customer service, unwavering commitment to their students, and competitive pricing. Their primary objective is to bring out the best in their students, enabling them to pass their Road Test with confidence. With a proven record of a high pass rate, they have earned a reputation for excellence in the industry. They strive to not only train their cherished students for immediate success but also to shape their future as responsible and skilled drivers.
Whether you are a novice or an experienced driver, Divine Driving School will guide you towards becoming a confident individual who upholds the ethics of good driving practices on the roads. They value their customers as their most valuable asset and treat them with the utmost respect. Their satisfaction will always remain their top priority.
When you choose Divine Driving School, you can rest assured that you are opting for a level of perfection that is unmatched in the industry. They are dedicated to providing a high-quality learning experience that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel on the road.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Divine Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Esther Mensah Opoku

“Divine Driving School is a perfect choice for people with the desire to build their expertise in driving. The Instructor; Emmanuel is highly skilled and patient, offering hands on training and coaching to help you excel in all levels of the driving test. I passed my G2 test at ease with his constructive guidance and encouragement. The School is a beacon of hope to beginners with no experience at all; to make their dreams a reality. Choose Divine, and you will never regret it, it’s simply the best!”

Feyikemi Olaiya

“Mr Emmanuel is an amazing instructor! I took my G test from G1 and passed on the first try! He was very thorough, patient and encouraging. If you are looking for a reputable driving school and a respectful instructor, then I highly recommend Divine Driving School.”


“I’m very excited to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Emmanuel and Divine Driving School for being able to help obtain my G2 driving licence within a week after I met him. It was not an easy getting ride of how I used to drive back home but with his guidance I was able to abide all safety rules and drive test expectations. He is a very good supporter and motivator and more than that, he is a great professional driving instructor. He is a great observer who notices minute things and corrects them on time with clear instructions. I recommend everyone to connect with Mr Emmanuel and you’ll successfully obtain your license.”

Julian Forrester

“I would strongly recommend Divine driving school. Emanuel my instructor is the best in the business. He is patient, kind, and understanding. Emanuel goes above and beyond to insure that you learn all the road codes and especially parallel parking and three point turn. He makes sure that you feel comfortable, confident, when it’s time to take the test. If you go with Emanuel you can’t go wrong you are sure to past any driving test using his expertise.”

queen ashala

“I had the best experience anyone could ask for with Divine driving school. Mr Emmanuel was very professional and helpful.His encouragement built my confidence and he made sure I was very calm,and that helped me pass at once .I recommend divine and will always refer all my friends, family and acquaintances to divine because of their professionalism and excellent work.Divine driving school is the best”

LearnSGS Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 4515 Ebenezer Rd. Suite 217, Brampton, ON L6P 2K7
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Safety Goals and Strategies specializes in ensuring that your safety remains their topmost concern every time you enter a vehicle. As a company dedicated to instructing defensive driving, they take pride in establishing connections with their drivers, whether individually or in small groups. As a collective, they collaborate on setting future objectives, devising strategies, and implementing safety measures on the road.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why LearnSGS Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Latoya Aarons

“100% satisfied with my experience. The driving instructor was amazing. She helped my daughter feel comfortable while improving her skills and confidence in driving. The online course is also a great feature. My daughter is now a G2 driver after her first test. I will be using LearnSGS for my other children this year and next year. I am happy that I chose LearnSGS!!! I highly recommend !!!”

Allana Ridgeway

“Simonia was an amazing teacher and I had a great experience with LearnSGS. Being a teenager, I'm a very difficult person to teach and I often overcomplicate things. But Simonia was able to get through to me. She was very patient and explained things to me very well. She was also very funny and was always cracking jokes. This really broke the ice and made her super relatable and I was really comfortable around her. Even when I made huge mistakes (which happened a lot. Lol) Simonia remained calm and patient with me and I'm forever grateful. I recommend her to all my friends all the time. Thanks to her, I passed my G2 test on my first try! And I encourage everybody to learn at LearnSGS Driving School and get Simonia to be their teacher.”

“I got my training from Simonia at LearnSGS and passed my test. She is an amazing instructor. Very patient, organized, detail oriented and will work on your own pace. I will recommend LearnSGS to anyone who not only want to pass their driving test but also want to drive safely and successfully all their lives.”

Cheyenne Price

“Simonia at learnSGS is an amazing instructor! She is very patient, understanding, caring and knowledgeable. We had a few sessions and I passed on my first attempt! I was very nervous and had some bad habits she helped me break and gain confidence to pass my G2. Thank you very much Simonia! Do not think twice about using learnSGS driving school!”

Step In Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 9 Midvale Rd, Brampton, ON L7A 2N1
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Step in Driving School is an officially approved provider of BDE courses by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Currently, their courses are available online at their Brampton location. They are dedicated to offering reasonably priced driver education programs suitable for individuals of all ages. The team consists of professional instructors who are not only certified by the Ministry of Transportation but also possess extensive experience. Moreover, they are known for their exceptional patience and courteous approach towards their students. Rest assured, all instructors have undergone comprehensive criminal background checks and hold CPR certifications. With their comprehensive training packages, Step in Driving School boasts an impressive 95% first-time pass rate. The instructors ensure that you acquire the skills to confidently drive under various conditions, such as city driving, highway driving, night driving, and especially emphasize winter driving skills. Additionally, all vehicles used by the instructors are equipped with dual brakes and mirrors, and they are fully insured for instructional purposes. The administrative staff at Step in Driving School is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. They are committed to providing complete assistance and guidance throughout your Driver Training Program.
The team of skilled driving instructors holds valid qualifications and approval from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). With over a decade of experience, they possess extensive knowledge and exhibit a friendly and patient demeanor. The driving instructors are well-versed in tailoring each lesson to cater to the individual’s experience, skills, and expectations. Ensuring optimal concentration and focus, the in-vehicle lessons are always conducted on a one-on-one basis.
At the driving school, they go beyond standard training and also provide driver training and support to mature adults at various stages of their driving skills, assisting them in obtaining G1, G2, and G licenses. Recognizing the diverse population of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), they carefully select driving instructors who possess the ability to communicate effectively in the major spoken languages within the city.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Step In Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Laura B.

“Step In Driving School is highly recommended, when looking at all the other Brampton schools to choose from. 20 hours online and 10 hours in car driving is all you need to prepare for your G2 test with Mandeep. I also paid and used the car for the day of the test. So that I would pass my test with the same car that I was driving. Mandeep shows you everything you need to do to give you proper confidence to drive whether you've never driven before. His instructions are clear to the point. Very patient and he accomodates your schedule. Be sure to check him out and let him know you read my review ;) IF YOU WANT TO PASS YOUR G2 TEST, LIKE I DID, THEN USE STEP IN DRIVING SCHOOL.”

Harman Singh

“I had a great experience with Step In Driving School. My in car instructor was very professional and he helped me to clear my G2 in first attempt.”

Bharti Saini

“I had a great experience with step in driving school.Mr.Mandeep is very professional, calm and informative while providing driving lessons.I highly recommend to get your driving lessons from step in driving school.”

Samdish Singh

“The Instructor is very professional and helpful. It was quite easy to pickup on rules because of his teaching skills. Highly Recommended!”

Zab Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 56 Fahey Dr, Brampton, ON L6Y 0N8
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They are recognized and authorized providers of the MTO Approved – Beginner Drivers Education Course. Their primary goal is to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective driver’s education program accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Their services cater to a diverse range of individuals, including teenagers, novice drivers, those with anxiety about driving, and new immigrants.
With their digital courses now available, their students have the convenience of learning from the comfort of their own homes. This online platform enables students to access their training materials throughout the year, at their preferred schedule. Additionally, they offer in-car sessions conducted by their highly skilled and certified staff, who will guide students on the roads of Oakville, ensuring a practical and hands-on learning experience.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Zab Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Dakota Prempeh

“I had lessons with Zab and it was great. He’s a great guy and an amazing instructor. Especially in the beginning when you don't even have faith or confidence in yourself Zab has it for you. 10/10 recommend him for everyone. I passed my g2 first attempt because of Zab’s help and the skills he taught me.”

Sri Ram

“Zab is an excellent driving instructor. His way of teaching ensures you understand the concepts in order to pass the test. Being a newcomer, his tips and tricks greatly helped me to pass the test. He gave several mock tests and corrected even the slightest of mistakes which instilled lots of confidence in me on the day of exam. He was very patient, kind and helpful since my first class and constantly motivated me. I would highly recommend Zab”

Mohit Agarwal

“Zab is a very good instructor. I took g2 lessons from him without any prior experience of driving and passed my road test on first attempt. He is very knowledgeable, patient, understanding and very kind person. His way of teaching not only helped me pass my g2 test but will always help me drive safer on roads. I highly recommend zab to anyone who wants to go for driving lessons.”

Aysha Mughal

“Zab driving school is the absolute best! A huge warm thank you to Zab for believing in me and guiding me through each and every step to perfecting my driving skills so I can be the safest and best driver on the road and with his excellent guidance I was able to pass my G2 and G test in the first attempt. Zab is honestly the best teacher ever, I truly admire his patience, hard work, and dedication for his students.”

Stevin Mazza

“I am beyond grateful that I took the driving coarse with Zab! I passed the test first try & got a perfect score on my test. I couldn’t have done it without him. His constant support & encouragement really helped me out! God bless you Zab.”

Brilliant Drivers

  • Language: English
  • Address: 47 Feather Reed Way, Brampton, ON L6R 2Z7
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Brilliant Drivers is a recognized provider of the MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education Course. They offer exceptional and top-notch driver training services in Brampton, Malton, Mississauga, and Caledon area at competitive rates.
Their team of instructors, licensed by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), will provide you with all the necessary skills and strategies to successfully pass your road test with outstanding results.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Brilliant Drivers is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Raju Joshy

“Thanks to my driving instructor Ratish Saini. He is very calm and knowledgeable. His excellent driving instructions helped me to pass G test directly from G1in first shot. Highly recommend Brilliant Drivers Driving School.”

Taha Farhat

“Ratish Saini Sir gave me exellent driving lessons with proper guidance. He is knowledgeable driving instructor. I would always recommend Brilliant Drivers Driving school anyone want to do driving lessons in Brampton or Mississauga area.”

Abhishek V

“Great driving instructions given by Ratish Saini. I easily passed my G road test today. I will recommend Brilliant Drivers driving school to all.”

innocent ebuzoeme

“I will always recommend the company. The instructor is patient and kind. He taught me so well that I was confident of myself. Even when my test was canceled due to bad weather, he didn’t charge me any extra cost. I eventually passed my g2 driving test at the first trial. Thank you Ratish Sir”

Great Dixie Car Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 30 Hale Rd #1, Brampton, ON L6W 4N9
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At the school in the Brampton area, they pride themselves on their outstanding reputation as one of the most respected educational institutions. Their distinctive teaching methods, unparalleled instructional techniques, and well-organized program structures establish them as the optimal option for aspiring drivers. Gaining comprehensive knowledge is essential for obtaining your driver’s license through their comprehensive driver training program, which encompasses thorough preparation for both the written test and road test.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Great Dixie Car Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Jessi S

“My sister and I recently took driving lessons with Manjit and were successful in our G2 test. Manjit is a great teacher and her techniques were really helpful. She was really patient throughout the whole process. Overall it was a great experience. I would highly recommend this driving school.”

dhillon gurpartap

“great school for AZ licence”

Multi-Dimensional Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 50 Cochrane Ave, Brampton, ON L6Z 4G6
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Multi-Dimensions Driving School operates as an MTO-Approved BDE course provider, offering reasonably priced driver education programs to individuals of all age groups. Their team of professional instructors, certified by the Ministry of Transportation, boasts extensive experience, exceptional patience, and courteous demeanor.
All instructors, both MALE and FEMALE, undergo thorough criminal background checks and hold CPR certifications. Their comprehensive training packages have led to an impressive 95% first-time pass rate. Instructors are dedicated to ensuring that students are proficient in various driving conditions, including city driving, highway navigation, night driving, and a special emphasis on winter driving skills. All vehicles used for instruction are equipped with dual brakes and mirrors. The administrative staff is knowledgeable, highly seasoned, and approachable. They offer complete assistance and guidance throughout the Driver Training Program.
Multi-Dimensions Driving School provides weekend and weekday driving classes year-round. Their courses and class schedules are designed to accommodate the busy lives and schedules of their clients.
With MALE & FEMALE professional driving instructors who are MTO qualified and approved, Multi-Dimensions Driving School boasts over a decade of experience. These instructors are well-versed, friendly, and patient, tailoring each driving lesson to meet the unique experiences, skills, and expectations of individual students. In-vehicle lessons are exclusively one-on-one to ensure maximum concentration and focus. The school also offers driver training and support to mature adults at various stages of driving skill development, assisting in obtaining G1, G2, and G licenses. To serve the diverse population of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the school employs instructors who can communicate in the majority of the city’s spoken languages.
Multi-Dimensions Driving School, located in Brampton, is committed to promoting safe driving and safer roads. Their initial focus is on helping beginners and young drivers pass G1 and G2 tests. They provide an array of driver school training packages at affordable rates. Upon successful completion of the BDE course, students receive MTO certification. This MTO-approved BDE certificate remains valid for one year, and certified drivers can fulfill their training hours within that timeframe. These certificates may also be utilized to reduce insurance costs.
Multi-Dimensions Driving School prioritizes safe driving while delivering MTO-approved driver education. Their vehicles are well-equipped, exceeding MTO safety standards. Additionally, they offer home or office pickup services for added convenience.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Multi-Dimensional Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Amaar Abouelghar

“I passed my G2 by the grace of Allah and the support of MD Drivers. Nadeem was professional, timely and helpful. He recognized my situation being an experienced driver. He recommended the best center based on my skill level and managed to find a test date based on my availability. The car was in great condition. I recommend MD drivers if you’re an experienced driver getting your license in Canada.”

Keann Paraiso

“Overall wonderful driving school that will get you fully prepared for your g2 test. My instructor, Mr. Talha, was very patient, kind, and driven. It was a pleasure to drive with him. He made me more than prepared for my g2 road test which I passed on the first try! Highly recommend this school if you're interested in learning how to drive. Multi-Dimensions Driving School does it the best.”

Saamia Noushad

“This driving school is excellent and extremely good at preparing you for your road test. My instructor was Erum and she was very kind and patient, and also taught me how to drive in no time. I did ten lessons and passed my G2 Road test on my first try! All thanks to multi dimensions driving school and my instructor! If you’re looking for lessons that will prepare you quickly and perfectly, this is where you should go.”

anupam chandan

“Cleared G in first attempt. A big thank you to Nadeem Sir and MD during school. Sir covered all the rules on paper first and through practicals brought me up to the mark for the exam. He ensured that I am not repeating the same mistakes and made me practice on the weak points multiple times. To boost up my confidence did multiple mock driving tests similar to actual but acting as instructor and observed my driving, explained me in between the sessions and at the end which were my strong points and weak points. Always punctual and he made sure I was ready for the exam in the optimum number of lessons instead of other trainers who charge more by dragging the number of sessions. I will highly recommend whoever wants to get driving license should contact MD driving school only.”

Excel Drivers

  • Language: English
  • Address: 5 Brisdale Dr Suite # 207, Brampton, ON L7A 0S9
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Excel Drivers firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to acquire safe driving skills. Excel Driver’s, your neighborhood driving school serving Brampton, Mississauga, Malton, and the nearby regions.
They will instruct you on becoming a responsible driver while sitting behind the wheel, thanks to their certified Driving Instructors and top-notch driving programs.
Their objective is to ensure you can drive safely with confidence and enjoyment.
With over two decades of experience in the driving industry, they adhere to the highest standards and on-road techniques to educate you on the fundamentals and advanced aspects of car driving in urban and freeway settings. Whether you’re a novice driver or a senior, their courses are designed to fine-tune your skills and transform you into a proficient driver.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Excel Drivers is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

spoorthi reddy

“Saini is one of the Best Instructors in town. He teaches the basics and Rules of driving very well. He also makes sure we get that practice on road once the rules are taught. I cleared my G2 and G with him. I would highly recommend excel drivers and Saini to anyone who is willing to take driving classes in GTA.”

Avinder K

“My personal experience with Excel Drivers has been amazing. The driving instructor was very skilled, composed, and helpful. With no prior driving experience at all, Excel Drivers taught me everything I know in the most professional and effective way possible and I passed both my G2 and G on the first try! For any new drivers - I would definitely recommend Excel Drivers!!”

Burgus Hitesh Sharma

“I did my Ministry-Approved BDE Course, preparation for G2 and G test with Excel Drivers. Everything went well according to the plan. I also liked the response from Mr. Saini, he was always easily reachable and was dedicated to his duty. Being a novice or an experienced driver from another country, Mr. Saini will do his best to inculcate good habits and the necessary skills to pass the road tests and be able to drive safely on the Canadian roads. Thank you. Nice experience. Highly recommended.”


“Excel Drivers helped me immensely in obtaining my G2 license. I definitely recommend Excel Drivers to anyone who needs assistance with their driving.”

Global G Drivers

  • Language: English
  • Address: 23 Briarcroft Brampton, ON, L7A 1X6
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Safety is of utmost importance to them at Global G Drivers. Their primary focus is to ensure that their students receive the highest level of training, enabling them to become safe and conscientious drivers who contribute to the well-being of the community.
Their team consists of dedicated instructors who are committed to customizing their training methods to meet the individual needs of each student. Additionally, they proudly offer a Ministry Approved BDE Course that can be conveniently completed from the comfort of your own home.
By joining forces, they can collaborate to accomplish your driving goals while simultaneously fostering a safer community for everyone.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Global G Drivers is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Free Soul

“Global G drivers provides the best driving classes in Brampton.. if you want to clear your test in one go then Contact them immediately ! I just got my license today in first attempt.! Thank you so much !”

Jashan 2017- online

“I cleared my G2 road test in the first attempt, Thanks to Madhu mam. Her teaching is really great and precise. I recommend every new driver to get classes from Global G drivers and i am sure you'll pass.”


“I cleared my G2 road test in the first attempt, Thanks to Global G drivers. I recommend every new driver to get classes from Global G drivers and i am sure you'll pass in your first attempt.. Thanks a lot!!!!”

lovleen bhatia

“It was an amazing experience at Global G drivers. I passed G2 in the first attempt. Narinder Sir & Madhu Mam were both extremely helpful, Kind & Patient. Highly Recommended.”

Dhanvir Kaur

“Highly recommended!! Global drivers are the best instructors. I got my license classes from Narinder sir, he explains each and every detail and rule of the driving apparently. He just not teach the driving rules but also build a confidence of driving. I got my G2 just because of him. Thank you so much sir.”

New Light Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 43 Chalkfarm Crescent, Brampton, ON L7A 3W1
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At New Light Driving School, numerous individuals have benefited from their services, successfully decreasing demerit points, securing reduced insurance premiums, and enhancing their driving skills. Operating within a welcoming and highly proficient atmosphere, this driving school utilizes innovative techniques in their lessons, ensuring they remain at the forefront of driver education. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction enables them to consistently meet all the requirements of their clientele. Their primary objective is to cultivate responsible drivers who can excel in their first road test endeavor.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why New Light Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Baban Dhillon

“I had a wonderful experience with New Light Driving school. Sir kuldip is an very nice person. I had passed my G2 with him today and i will definitely come back for my G test. He is very motivating and always motivated me for everything. He is very encouraging and always encouraged me to drive . He's also very good instructor he guided me well also.”

Sukhpreet Sekhon

“Had great Experience with New Light Driving School. I got my G2 at first attempt. My instructor Kanwal is a wonderful teacher. Great teaching skills with patience. Will definitely recommend to those who are really new to driving and looking for a reliable instructor.”

Malkeet Sidhu

“I had a wonderful experience with New Light Driving school. Kanwal ma'am is an extremely nice and patient person. I had passed my G2 with her today and i will definitely come back for my G test. She is very motivating and always motivated me for everything. She is very encouraging and always encouraged me to drive with confidence. Whenever I was stressed, she always guided me. She’s a very good instructor and I enjoyed learning from her. I highly recommend to get your lessons from kanwal ma’am… you will learn a lot during every lesson and you’ll feel more confident when driving.”

Blessy Chacko

“Best driving school I ever experienced. Khanwal ma'am is a supportive and patient instructor. She encouraged and taught me all the rules perfectly. I could attain G license in the 1st attempt itself with her right instructions. Highly recommended driving school and I'm very much happy and satisfied. 😊😊”

Blue Rock Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 57 Progress Ct, Brampton, ON L6S 5X2
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Blue Rock Truck Driving School is renowned as a trusted and highly favored choice among commercial driving providers in Ontario. They are thrilled to present a comprehensive range of learning programs tailored specifically for individuals seeking full-time employment opportunities in the Canadian transportation industry. Their courses are meticulously designed, blending theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience, to equip learners for well-paying and rewarding roles in both local and long-haul trucking.
Their diverse student body comprises a wide spectrum of individuals, including recent university graduates, experienced drivers from Fortune 500 companies, and even new immigrants from South Asian countries holding advanced degrees. As one of the few training schools in the country with an impressive track record of first-attempt graduates, they take immense pride in their thriving community of students.
Whether you are an aspiring entry-level trucker aiming to advance your career by specializing in various advanced driving niches or a determined individual who may have faced setbacks but possesses an unwavering ambition to earn a salary comparable to C-suite executives, their training academy warmly welcomes you. They extend their best wishes to all and look forward to supporting your journey towards success!

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Blue Rock Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Avneet Mangat

“My overall experience at blue rock truck training school was really good. They provided me with all the training that is required to clear this AZ exam. The staff was really cooperative and they provided me with all the study material and was able to clear my exam.I am really thankful to Blue Rock Truck Training School Team.”

Nishan Singh

“Very good experience, I took classes another school after i got unsuccessful attempt. But here in Blue rock i took few classes, Instructors improves my lacks and Got my AZ in first attempt. More over all instructor is very good behaviour”

jasdeep singh

“I came to blue rock for my AZ license and instructor gave me training in a proper way and finally i got my license. I recommend everyone to not to go to the cheapest rate, go to the best school as Blue rock. Thanks.”

kunal gupta

“Very friendly instructor. Highly skilled . I failed my exam two times before in Oshawa. Took classes from him in Brampton and cleared in the first go.😎”


“Highly Recommended! Amazing experience and best school for AZ driving. All the staff members were too cooperative with all the students...”

Mann Driving Academy

  • Language: English
  • Address: 3 Moss Way Brampton, ON L6R 0P5
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Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Mann Driving Academy is one of the Best Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5


“Thank you so much Mr. Mann for your guidance and instructions to help me in getting my G2 and G in first attempt. You are the best instructor in the town.”

Navjot Kaur

“I passed my test in first go with mann driving academy. I learned how to drive car in few classes and I’m very grateful to mann driving academy.”

Kiran Kaur

“I got my G2 and G in first attempt. My instructor was Mr. Raminder and he is the best instructor and the way of teaching is excellent. I recommended to my friends also and they also got their license in first attempt.”

Khushdeep Dhaliwal

“I got my G2 and G from this academy first try. The service is awesome and I was taught every skill well. The instructor was nice and helped improve my weaknesses. Thank you!”

Shivani Sharma

“Thank You so much for your Guidance and support! Blessed to have you as my Instructor. Mann uncle always explains all the necessary steps and precautions we need to keeping in mind to excel in the test. I cleared my G2 and G in first attempt.”

FAQs about Driving Schools in Brampton, Ontario

Turning 16 is an important milestone in life, with its promise of more freedom and independence. Getting a driver’s license is a large part of that. At age 16 in Ontario, you can write your G1 driving test and begin the process of earning a full driver’s license. Preparing for the test involves learning the rules of the road and understanding the issues involved in operating a vehicle on the road in all kinds of conditions. To obtain a driver’s license in Ontario, you must be able to fulfill all three of these criteria, according to the Ontario.ca website:

  • be at least 16 years old
  • pass a vision test (with glasses or contact lenses if necessary)
  • pass the written test on rules of the road and traffic signs and signals

Applicants who are under 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian when going for the written G1 test. Drivers need a wide array of knowledge to be able to handle the situations they encounter on the road. Here are some examples:

  • how to handle four-way stops
  • what to watch for in school zones
  • how to get out of a skid on an icy or wet road
  • how to handle fatigue on long trips

You can learn about the rules of the road and the challenges of driving through:

Trubicars offers an interactive curriculum covering the different driving situations and scenarios that you are likely to encounter. Topics covered in this course include:

  • license classifications (G, M, etc.)
  • dashboard symbols and warning lights
  • signal lights, headlights, brakes, and other controls
  • basic rules of the road, such as speed limits, right-of-way rules, etc.
  • issues such as driver fatigue, hazardous road conditions, the needs of different road users (such as cyclists or pedestrians), etc.

Once you feel that you know the material well enough, you can book a test at a Service Ontario Centre or DriveTest Centre. Information on locations and booking an appointment is available at the Service Ontario Service Finder website: https://www.services.gov.on.ca/sf/?_ga=2.234152093.2040431062.1611594312-1433769550.1609993166#/oneServiceDetail/137/ip/sr/t. Testing sites are located in many towns and cities around the province of Ontario. Scroll down the page on the Service Finder site to search for information on testing sites in different cities and towns in the province. You can search for sites in your town or check in a larger center nearby. Before going for your appointment, be sure that you have prepared for the test. If you need glasses or contact lenses to see properly, be sure to have them with you.

Also be sure to have money to pay the test fee and anything else that you might need, such as allergy medication or wrist braces. You want to have as few barriers as possible to passing the test.

Before you go for your test, check the website for the list of valid documents to be sure that you have the correct identification before going to write your test. Also, remember to take the original documents with you as copies will not be accepted.

As the Service Ontario website explains, you will need identification giving:

  • your legal name
  • your date of birth
  • your signature

You are allowed to retake the G1 test if you fail the first time. However, retaking the G1 test involves time and money, besides delaying your freedom to drive yourself wherever you want to go. With the right material helping you along, you can pass the test the first time you write it.

With no interactive features, the handbook relies on a plain recital of the facts. Most people have trouble learning that way. The Trubicars system is different. We include:

  • videos and other audiovisual segments to help engage students
  • questions and points for further consideration to encourage students to engage personally with the issues
  • material that appeals to the whole person, rather than just the intellect
  • a wide range of topics, from beginner concepts to advanced material
  • a more effective way to study for the G1, G2, and G tests and to gain a lifelong understanding of driving
  • easy-to-remember tips for safe driving
  • a step-by-step approach that gives insights into the whole process of driving, rather than just a part of it