Ontario G1 Test: Get Ready!

  • Where do I go for my written test in Ontario?
    When you are ready to take your exam, go to your local DriveTest Centre. No appointment is necessary but you should arrive at least 1 hour before the test center closes to ensure that you have enough time to complete your test.
  • When am I allowed to get my G1 licence in Ontario?
  • Are there any specific documents I should have when I go to take my written test in Ontario?
  • How much does a G1 licence cost?
  • How many questions are there on the written test?
  • What’s the number of questions I am allowed to miss on the Ontario G1 test?
  • What common mistakes do people make on the Ontario written test?
  • Can I use the manual on the actual Ontario written test?
  • Will I be given a drug test before I can get my Ontario licence?
  • What happens if I fail the Ontario knowledge test?
  • How soon can I take the Ontario knowledge test if I fail?
  • Who can ride in the car with me with a G1 licence?
  • Who can be in the car with me while holding a G2 licence?
  • Where am I allowed to drive in Ontario with a G1 licence?
  • What happens after I pass my knowledge test in Ontario?