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Top Driving Tips for Pet Owners

Most times when people get a pet, they will pet-proof their home and make sure everything is in order so that their pet is safe. Aside from prepping your home, you should also prepare your vehicle. Whether you are taking your furry friend to the vet, taking them out in public, or planning a road trip with them, it’s important that your vehicle is ready so that they too are safe in the vehicle. Here at Trubicars, we have gathered some of the best tips in order to make your furry friend feel safe and give you some peace of mind about your pet’s safety.
Pet’s Safety

Top 7 Driving Tips For Pet Owners

  • Practice: If your pet has never traveled inside a vehicle, consider taking a short trip with them so they can adjust to the new surroundings of being in a vehicle, then gradually increase the length of time they are spending in the vehicle.
  • Crate your pet: If you have a smaller pet, consider crating them for the drive, this ensures that they are not wandering around the vehicle and posing any potential distractions to your driving, this also helps ensure their safety during your drive. Be sure to avoid driving with your pet in your lap, this is considered to be a form of distracted driving.
  • Install a pet barrier: If your furry friend is too big for a carrier, consider installing a pet barrier so your pet doesn’t try to wander its way to the front of the vehicle. If your rear seats can fold down, consider folding them down to give your pet more space in the back of your vehicle.
  • Never leave your pets alone in the vehicle: Whether it’s hot or cold outside, your pet should never be left alone in the vehicle, your pet can easily overheat (in the summer) or become too cold (in the winter).
  • Take breaks: Be sure to stop someplace safe to let your pet stretch their legs, do their business, and feed them.
  • Keep a travel kit: Be sure to pack anything that your pet may need, like food, water, blankets, medications, grooming tools, and toys.
  • Be mindful of windows: Letting your dog stick its head out of the window may be fun for them but always be mindful of any road debris that may injure your pet, be sure that the window is not completely open to prevent them from jumping through. If you drive a truck, be sure to seat your pet in the cabin with you as opposed to the bed of the truck.

Driving with Pets
By following the steps above, you can reduce the chances of an accident, give yourself some peace of mind, and have your pet be safe during your road trips. At Trubicars we emphasize to our students that driving is a big responsibility, and it is your duty as an operator of a motorized vehicle to ensure that you, your passengers, and other road users are safe. If you are looking for more information on driving with pets, check out the Trubicars website!

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