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Knowing If You Should Stop or Go When the Green Light Changes to Yellow

We have many decisions to make while traveling on the road each day. This is especially true when approaching a green traffic light. Knowing if we should stop or go when the green light changes to yellow can be confusing. Here are a few ways to help you make a good decision.

Some advice drivers may get over their early years of driving seemed to have worked for them. Sometimes the advice could put the driver at risk of a collision or even having a close call with other road users. It’s time to remove the myths and focus on the facts to help you make the correct decision while approaching traffic lights of knowing if you should stop or go when the green light changes to yellow.

Knowing if you should stop or go when the green light changes to yellow –

1. Maintain speed approaching green lights

Many drivers slow down while the light is still green. That can often lead to confusion for others, perhaps even themselves. Slowing down while approaching a green light may give the impression you are in the process of making a turn. This action may cause someone to turn left directly in front of you or make a turn from the intersection ahead of you into the same lane as you. There is a safer way to be ready when the green light changes to yellow.

2. Make early decisions

While driving along the road, begin by looking well ahead of where you are on the road, such as 10 to 15 seconds ahead, which would be approximately two city blocks. If you see a green traffic light ahead of you, there may be a good chance that the traffic light may change to yellow before you get to it. This is when you should start the decision-making process to know if you will need to adjust your speed and slow down. There are a few factors that can help you make this decision.

3. Avoid using crosswalk signals
Some drivers have used crosswalk signals to determine if the green light will change to yellow. Using the crosswalk flashing hand or the countdown lights will not help you make a good decision as much as you think. The crosswalk is designed for pedestrians to help them cross the road safely. It’s not for drivers, which is why they are called pedestrian crosswalk signals. However, there are different things you can do though to make the proper decision approaching green lights.

4. The 3 factors

Stopping safely when the green light changes to yellow do involve a few factors. The first is how fast you’re driving. The faster we travel, the longer it will take to stop the vehicle. Taking a glance at the speedometer as you are approaching the intersection to know your current speed is an important step.

Knowing If You Should Stop or Go When the Green Light Changes to Yellow

Another step is to identify if the condition of the road is dry or less than ideal. Not only do the wet roads reduce traction for the tires, but the wet roads can also create reduced friction for the brake pads to adequately grab when you apply the brakes. Understanding these factors can determine how quickly you can stop when the green light changes to yellow.

The last factor: noticing how close traffic behind is following you. It is necessary to see how large the vehicle is, as that can also affect your ability to stop safely if the traffic lights change from green to yellow. If a large truck or bus is following you closely and you brake quickly and hard for a yellow traffic light, it could result in a rear-end collision. The law does state the yellow light means to stop if it’s safe to do so.

The speed at which you’re traveling, the current road conditions, and the size and closeness of the vehicle following you are all factors in deciding if you should stop or go if the light turns yellow. These decisions are needed when the light is still green, not after it changes to yellow.

Once you’re approaching a green light that has been green for a while, ask yourself this question “If the lights change to yellow now, I can stop .” Once you get to a point where you say, “Now I go”, do not attempt to stop if the light changes. Maintain speed and keep going, provided the intersection is clear. Making early choices whenever you’re approaching a green traffic light helps to make the decision easier.

At Trubicars, we know that driving smoothly, legally, and safely is on the minds of many. That is why we want to ensure you are ready to make the correct decision when the traffic light changes from green to yellow. For more information, check out the Trubicars website!

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