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Since your driver’s licence is a valuable piece of personal identification, you must update your personal information and keep it current. In many places, it is also the law.

Keep Your Driver’s Licence Current

To keep your driver’s license current, there are two main types of changes you should make:

  • Update your personal information, such as name, address, and height.
  • Update if you are changing the licence class conditions, such as adding air brakes if you are a commercial driver or changing details to match the type of vehicle you are now allowed to drive.

Changing Information on a Driver’s Licence

These changes typically involve having a new driver’s license photo card issued. When you receive your new license in the mail, ensure you destroy the old one by cutting it up.

Depending on the type of change, you can update your records online, at a Service Ontario office, or at any DriveTest Centre.

Personal Information Changes

Any DriveTest Centre can process any address, name, sex, or height changes when you complete any other form of transaction. If you visit DriveTest for a test, you can ask a counter agent to update your information while you are there. Simple changes to a driver’s license can be done online or through a Service Ontario office, such as:

  • You can complete any address changes online or in person through Service Ontario.
  • If you are changing any of the following items: including your name, date of birth, sex designation, or height, you must visit a Service Ontario office in person with your driver’s license and the original supporting documents supporting each change or correction.
  • To obtain a driver’s license with an X in the sex designation field, visit a Service Ontario office in person. You will not need any supporting documents.

Adding a condition or restriction for glasses or corrective lenses, which show as a condition X on your license, you will need to visit either a DriveTest Centre or Service Ontario office. To remove this X condition, you must visit any DriveTest Centre. Ensure you bring your current driver’s license with you.

Removing the X condition will involve taking the vision test at the DriveTest Centre.

Driver’s License Class and Condition Changes

If you require a change with the vehicle you’re licensed to drive, you may need to change your license. Depending on the change you wish to make, this may involve additional testing at a DriveTest Centre.

Commercial Driver’s Licenses

If you are driving professionally, you must have a driver’s license relating to the vehicle you drive. The only exception applies when you are learning and have an experienced, accompanying driver directly beside you in the front seat that holds a valid license class for that vehicle. Driving any vehicle with a different license class by yourself will require a license class and a condition change at a DriveTest Centre. A few examples would be as follows:

  • Driving a bus or truck with air brakes will require adding a Z endorsement.
  • Driving a large bus with an increased number of passengers it can carry may require a switch from F Class to C Class.
  • Driving a school-purposed bus after driving a commercial carrier will require additional testing and a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check.

G Class or M Class Driver’s Licenses

Most of the class and condition changes will take place among professional drivers. There are some G Class and M Class changes that may factor in. For example:

  • If you are pursuing your G Class or M Class license, you will advance from an M1 or G1 to an M2 or G2 and then to a full G Class or M Class license. Each of these steps will require a visit to the DriveTest Centre.
  • If you are licensed to operate a moped, which is an M Class, with the L condition, and you want to switch to a motorcycle, which is an M Class without conditions, you will need to visit a DriveTest Centre for additional testing.
  • If you have an M Class with condition 1, which allows you to drive a three-wheeled motorcycle and wish to switch to a motorcycle that is an M Class without conditions, visit a DriveTest Centre for additional testing.

At Trubicars, we can help you reach your goal of being a fully licensed driver, our driving instructors understand the licensing process, so you can ask them any questions you have. Afterward, if you are unsure of your next steps, visit a DriveTest Centre, the Service Ontario office, or the MTO website.

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