Moving to Ontario?

  • Do I need to pass a road test when I move to Ontario from another province, for example, Quebec?
    You do not have to take a road test if you meet the following criteria:

    • Have at least 2 years of experience within the past 3 years.
    • Can provide appropriate identification documents
    • Can provide proof of licence status
    • Can pass a vision test

    If you have less than 2 years of experience, you can trade in your licence for a G2 licence and will eventually have to take a road test in order to get a G licence.

  • If I move to Ontario, how long may I drive with my non-province licence?
    Newcomers to Ontario from another province have 60 days after becoming a resident to apply for an Ontario licence.
  • How long can I drive with my out-of-country licence while visiting Ontario?
    You may drive for up to 3 months with your out-of-country licence. After 3 months, you must have an International Driver’s Permit from your home country or you can apply for an Ontario licence.
  • If I move to Ontario, how long can I legally drive with my out-of-country licence?
    If you move to Ontario, you have 60 days after arrival to apply for an Ontario Driver’s licence. You may simply exchange your valid driver’s licence for a G licence if you meet the following criteria:

    • You hold a driver’s licence from a reciprocating jurisdiction such as Europe, the United States, Canadian provinces or territories, Great Britain, the Isle of Man, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Australia, etc (others can be found on the MTO website
    • You have had the licence for more than 2 years within the last 3 years
    • You can present acceptable original identification for proof of legal name, date of birth, and signature ( Find identification requirements at
    • You are willing to surrender your current licence
    • Possibly be willing to provide an abstract of driving history (required in some districts, find out if it is needed in your district at )
    • Take a vision test
    • Pay a licensing fee

    If you have a valid licence but have less than 2 years of experience in the last 3 years, you will be eligible for a G2 licence. The same conditions mentioned above apply. If you are from a non-reciprocating country, find out information about what you should do at

  • Where can I find more driving-related information about moving to Ontario?
    Feel free to browse the Ministry of Transportation website at Also, you can find additional information at or call 1-800-387-3445.