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How To Prepare For Your Driving Test

Passing a driving test seems to be on the mind of every new driver. Ensuring you can do whatever you can to be successful can be very stressful and emotional for many. Passing the driving test is more than being able to handle the vehicle safely, legally, and smoothly. It is also being able to cope with your emotions and anxiety, including if you feel you’ve made a mistake. But since you need a plan to achieve your goal, we’ve put one together for you.

  • What it takes to pass the road test
  • Learning from a professional driving instructor
  • Practice the skills taught to you to gain confidence
  • Believe in your driving instructor
  • Focus on the positives, not the mistakes

Following these tips will help you gain insight to help you successfully pass that road test. So, let’s break down these points to get you ready for that road test.


Learning How to Drive to Pass the Driving Test

The first part of remaining calm behind the wheel happens well before you get to the driving test date. It begins by getting solid instruction from a qualified driving instructor. Some people may feel they can learn from family members or friends. It is valuable to realize what you may be learning from them are their bad habits.

Although every licensed driver on the road has to pass at least one government driving test, they most likely do not know all of the rules of the road or how to break down the steps to help a new driver reach the ability to drive safely and smoothly. Non-instructors tend to go by their experiences or opinion and not by facts. Taking driving lessons from a professional instructor can help you reach your goal of passing that driving test and becoming a licensed driver.


Let a Driving Instructor Help You Pass the Driving Test

A professional driving instructor can break down each step to help you make smooth turns, lane changes, and low-speed skills such as parallel parking and stall parking and help your understanding of the rules of the road. Through repetition, you will be able to experience multiple opportunities to use these skills to help build your confidence as a driver. This confidence will come in handy on the day of your driving test. Trubicars can help you find the ideal driving instructor.

As you take the in-car lessons, ensure you ask questions whenever you are unsure what they are asking of you or explaining. Quality communication is one of the most important things to help you feel good and confident about your driving skills. Your confidence in your driving ability will grow each time you complete a task given to you by your driving instructor. The more attempts you make at successfully performing this, the greater confidence you will have to perform these skills. The bonus is these skills will become habitual.

It can take up to 20 days to make a habit of something you never did before. It can double if you have to unlearn something you may have been doing poorly to make it a habit of doing it correctly. It will require you to perform these skills regularly every day. Between lessons from your driving instructor, practice as much as possible.

Practice for the Driving Test


Avoid changing how you perform a task that your driving instructor has trained you as that may confuse you more as you get closer to your driving test date. Take what they have taught you and practice each of those skills until they become a habit.

One of the most common sayings is that practice makes perfect. That’s not exactly true. It’s more like practice makes permanent.


If you practice doing those driving tasks incorrectly, you become very good at doing those tasks incorrectly regularly. Instead, let’s understand that proper practice makes perfect. Practicing the skills taught to you will allow them to become a positive habit.

Driving Test Day

Be honest with yourself when it comes to going for the driving test. Yes, you know you want to pass and begin enjoying driving on your own but be honest with yourself. Traffic won’t let up just because you’re on your driving test. You have to be a good, safe driver to handle what traffic brings you.

Listen to that little voice in your head and determine if your driving is consistent and safe. Ask yourself if you consistently follow all of the rules of the road, including speed limits and having complete stops. Also, you should realize your driving instructor won’t recommend you for the driving test if you are not ready to attempt it. It’s time to believe in them and time to believe in yourself.

Once you’re on the driving test, you may be nervous, which is quite common, and that’s okay. However, relying on your habits will help you overcome those nerves and allow you a good chance you will pass the driving test. Taking a deep breath helps as it can help keep your nerves in check. But what happens if you do make a mistake? Here are a few tips to help.

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Taking the Actual Driving Test

There are a few things you should be aware of before and during your road test, such as:

  • Ensure all the lights on your vehicle are in working order
  • Ensure the horn is in working order
  • The examiner will not attempt to trick or confuse you during the test
  • During the test, you must drive within the law

If you feel you’ve made a mistake, let it go. If you worry about the error you think you’ve just made, that mistake may become a distraction from focusing on the rest of the road test. If you feel you have just made a mistake, there are a few things to consider.

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Perhaps the mistake happened, but the driving examiner missed seeing it. Maybe they were looking down at the precise time the mistake was made or were looking off to the side when you erred. Also, perhaps what you thought was a mistake was not. You may have a higher degree of perfectionism than they do, so maybe what you thought was a mistake was not one at all. Worrying about it may cause you to make actual mistakes.

Keep the windows up so you can better hear their instructions. If you did not listen to the directions or have forgotten what they asked of you, it’s okay to ask them again. Do it early so you can keep calm as you drive.

One of the best ways to relieve the pressure of going for your driving test is not to tell anyone you’re going. That can lead to anxiety and cause you to act differently behind the wheel. However, if you learn the needed driving skills from a professional instructor, practice everything they have taught you to gain consistency for a long time and do your best, you will be ready.

Let Trubicars help you reach your goal of getting your driver’s license by contacting us today. It’s time to take the worry out of learning to drive. Let Trubicars help you on your journey.

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