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    Looking for Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario? Your search ends here! Trubicars has compiled a comprehensive list of top-notch Government-approved Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario just for you.

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    Rest assured, all the driving schools featured here are MTO-approved BDE course providers. We are committed to assisting you in selecting the finest Driving School in Milton, Ontario that meets your specific needs. Our detailed information will include rates, reviews, and much more.

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    Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? We certainly are! Let's begin.

Best Driving Schools in Milton Ontario Best Driving Schools Milton Ontario
Trubicars Team

The Trubicars Team has created a list of the top driving schools in Milton, Ontario for you.

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100% MTO Approved

BDE Course Providers

The Cost of Milton, Ontario Driving Schools

Prior to discussing the premier Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario, let's delve into the cost of driving lessons in the area. The good news is that driving lessons in Milton, Ontario are quite affordable. To get an idea of the average cost, please refer to the table below.

G2 Lesson $45 per hour
G Lesson $45 Per Hour
Basic Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Package. This includes 30 hours of MTO-approved online driving course and 10 hours of in-car driving lessons. $649 Plus Tax
*According to Trubicars, these are the best MTO-approved Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario.

The 6 Best Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario

According to Trubicars, these are the best MTO-approved Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario.

ABC Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 18 Martin St, Milton, ON L9T 2P9
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ABC Driving School has a rich heritage, boasting a remarkable 45 years of experience. They have achieved a remarkable level of diversification. They invite industry experts as guest speakers to their lessons, such as Police Officers, Drinking and Driving Prevention advocates, Fire Department personnel, and Ex-Examiners.
Upon completion of the program at ABC and successfully passing your initial road test, you will gain the ability to drive independently, even on freeways and during nighttime hours. Their Defensive Driving program serves as a fundamental cornerstone for all student drivers. With their newly introduced Flagship Standard course, your loved ones could not be in more capable hands.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why ABC Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“If I could give a 10 stars I would. Adam was a great driving instructor I passed my G2. I had a lot issues with other Driving schools and (Instructors) and Private Instructor when all (Instructors) had given up Adam was the only one there and helped me achieve to get my G2 Drivers license so thank you ABC Driving School Tony for referring me to Adam and thank you Adam. Now for G test :).”

“The in class portion was amazing, instructor was very knowledgeable and knew his stuff. He kept the class very engaged. The in-car driving lessons with Adam were great, he made sure I was a very conscientious driver, and I passed my G2 road test on my first attempt. Thank you ABC Driving school!”

“Amazing experience from start to finish. Had Kareem in class and Adam in the car. Kareem was great in teaching us all the necessary concepts to know for on the road, and made it interesting and interactive. Adam made me feel very comfortable on the road as a new driver. Many people have told me how much more confident I seem after taking official driving lessons. He always helped me perfect all the skills I needed to pass my G2 test, and to be a safe driver all around. I have recomended ABC to all of my new-driver friends!”

“Had a great experience! In class taught me the basics of safe driving. I had Adam as my road instructor and he was awesome! I felt comfortable driving with him and he helped me fix my mistakes as we went along. I highly recommend abc driving in general, and Adam as a road instructor!”

“I was nervous to start my in-car lessons - 10 hours seems very daunting, but with the help Deep's lightheartedness mixed with his extensive knowledge time seemed to fly. Thanks to Deep I can now call myself a confident and informed driver! Thanks Deep and ABC Driving School Milton! See ya on the road 😊"

Everything you need to know to confidently pass your Ontario G1 test.

Questions are taken directly from the MTO Driver’s handbook, which will help you pass your test the first time. Guaranteed.

Yes, I want to pass the first time


Excalibur Driver Education

  • Language: English
  • Address: 585 Ontario St S Unit 204, Milton, ON L9T 2
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There are numerous driving schools available, each offering varying levels of educational quality, and individuals can choose from among them if they are seeking only a certification. However, truly caring about the safety and habits of new drivers requires something more. It takes a genuine commitment to nurturing and instilling a sense of responsibility in drivers, encouraging them to prioritize road rules, their own safety, and the safety of others. By becoming model drivers and responsible citizens who contribute positively through their driving habits, they can make a lasting impact.
At Excalibur, the driving school understands this importance and works diligently to instill these values in their students. They offer an MTO-approved curriculum that has been developed by experts in the field of Driver Education. As a family-owned driving school, their motto and carefully adapted lesson plans clearly demonstrate their commitment to ensuring that customers receive the full benefit of their investment. This commitment extends beyond the time spent as active students, as Excalibur strives to cultivate lifelong safe driving habits and a deep understanding of the rules of the road.
To achieve this, Excalibur provides one-on-one in-car lessons that last for one hour, ensuring individualized attention and care. They cater to both teenagers and adult drivers, recognizing that each student has unique needs. In their in-class sessions, they delve into the reasoning and thought behind safe habits and rules, fostering skill development and character growth that will serve drivers well on the road.
As a driving school serving the growing town of Milton, Ontario, Excalibur is dedicated to providing high-quality driver education. Their commitment to their students’ safety and long-term success is evident in their motto and the care they put into their lessons.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Excalibur Driver Education is one of the Best Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Excalibur is one of the best driving schools in Milton to start from the basics. My instructor Bali was very dedicated and with her guidance, it was an easy journey for me to clear my G2 with very few driving sessions. She would take her time to pull over and explain scenarios in detail which is definitely a great way to learn for new drivers. Special thanks to Bali for helping me to pass my G2 license on my first attempt!😊 I would definitely recommend Bali for anyone willing to take driving lessons.”

“Recommend! I highly recommend Excalibur Driving School. Great driving school. Thanks to my instructor Balwinder for being patient with me and teaching me. She was patient, knowledgeable and full of encouragement. She prepared me for everything that was on my test.”I passed my road test in first Attempt”.

“The training I received at Excalibur Driving School gave me the ability to successfully pass my road test.Thank you so much Balwinder”

“Bali is a calm, patient and experienced driving instructor who helped our daughter learn how to drive and pass her test. She is very professional and goes over all necessary driving tips and instructions so you feel prepared to be on the road! I highly recommend Excalibur Driver Education! Thank you Bali!”

“Amazing driving school! Practiced here for my G2 test and passed on the first attempt. Instructor is very nice and flexible with time. Bali provided lot's of helpful tips and feedback after each session. She is very patient and experienced. Would definitely recommend Excalibur Driving School.”

Top Choice Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 50 Steeles Ave E Unit#206, Milton, ON L9T 4W9
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Top Choice Driving School is a family-run business with a remarkable track record of over 5 years in the field, accumulating more than 25 years of experience. They take pride in their outstanding staff and instructors who are dedicated to meeting your driving needs. Top Choice Driving School is a provider of MTO approved beginner driver education (BDE) courses. They offer the mandatory 20 hours of in-class sessions as well as 10 hours of in-car lessons. Upon completion of both the in-class and in-car lessons, Top Choice is able to provide their students with an MTO approved insurance deductible.
In response to evolving needs, Top Choice Driving School now offers online classes. By enrolling and selecting the online option, students receive a username and password to complete their 20 hours of training conveniently from the comfort of their own homes.
Top Choice Driving School is committed to providing excellent training using safe and cutting-edge techniques. They offer both in-class and in-car instruction delivered by a team of qualified and experienced driver training specialists. In today’s landscape with increased traffic, busy highways, rising distractions, and technologically advanced vehicles, having core driving skills is more crucial than ever to ensure safe and effective driving. Top Choice Driving School is dedicated to helping students acquire the necessary skills to obtain their G2 and G licenses.
Learning to drive the right way from a certified instructor has become increasingly important. Top Choice Driving School recognizes the significance of obtaining instruction from qualified professionals in order to navigate the challenges posed by modern roads and vehicles. With their expertise and comprehensive training programs, they can assist you in acquiring the essential skills needed to become a safe and proficient driver.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Top Choice Driving School is one of the Best Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Highly highly recommend! I had a wonderful experience preparing for my G test with Abdul. He was always kind, patient, punctual and really helped me learn how to drive confidently and safely on the highways. I was a fairly nervous driver despite my G2, and Abdul really helped iron out all the kinks/bad habits in my driving and feel confident as I prepared for my G test, which I cleared on my first attempt. For anyone looking for G2/G lessons in the Milton/Burlington/Oakville area, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Abdul / Top Choice Driving School.”

“My instructor from Top Choice was ABDUL - he's very patient, communicates well and gives honest feedback which is important to have as an instructor. I took my G test driving lessons with him after my G1 because I had a driver's history from my home country. You can imagine for him it meant training someone with no history of driving in Canada and I was able to clear the test and for most part thanks to Abdul for the great training. Recommend Top Choice + Abdul.”

“Just passed my driving test thanks to Abdul. Really impressed with TOP CHOICE Driving School’s lessons plan. I was lucky enough to have Abdul as my instructor, he was so pleasant, patient and knowledgeable about all things driving/tips & tricks to park, etc. Loved our chats on our drives and feel much more confident and competent as a driver thanks to his guidance. Would definitely recommend learning with Top Choice & specifically Abdul.”

“I highly recommend the Top Choice Driving school. I had a wonderful experience with Hamza Malik. He was always easy to communicate, patient, punctual and respectful. Passed G2 and G test weeks apart despite being a new driver in Canada. Lessons were perfect, I was ready and confident for the tests after 2-3 sessions.”

“Highly recommend Top Choice Driving School if you're looking for a driving school in Milton! I had a wonderful experience preparing for my G2 with Hamza. I barely had any driving experience whatsoever and after many lessons with him, I became confident due to his teaching skills and techniques, I had a very hard time with parallel parking but after he explained and demonstrated I can now say I have mastered parallel parking! He’s very patient, kind, punctual and a great driving instructor and I passed my G2 road test all thanks to Hamza! I will definitely be requesting him for my G when it's time.”

First Drivers

  • Language: English
  • Address: 336 Bronte St. S, Milton, ON L9T 7W6
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First Drivers, an authorized provider of the M.T.O Approved Beginner Driver Education Course, recognized by the Driving School Association of Ontario. With several years of experience, they proudly serve Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Waterdown, Hamilton, and Oakville. Their team consists of professionally trained instructors who ensure the highest level of expertise. All vehicles they provide for lessons are equipped with automatic transmissions. They offer private in-car lessons, allowing for personalized instruction. Clients also have the opportunity to use their cars for the driving test. They understand the importance of flexibility and offer adaptable hours for in-car lessons. Additionally, they provide convenient pick-up and drop-off services for these lessons, ensuring easy access for their students.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why First Drivers is one of the Best Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Al has an amazing teaching style. I have been trying to learn how to do any sort of parking for month and he had taught me in one lesson. Highly recommend using first drivers for driving lessons!”

“First Drivers is an amazing passed my G2 road test the 1st time everyone should go to first drivers”

Drivesafe Canada

  • Language: English
  • Address: 245 Commercial St, Milton, ON L9T 1B8
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At DriveSafe Canada, their primary focus is on providing exceptional driver’s training to both new and experienced drivers. They offer Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Certification (BDE) courses to assist individuals in becoming safe and responsible drivers in Milton, the Halton Region of Ontario, and throughout Canada. They proudly serve the communities of Milton, Oakville, and Burlington, Ontario.
Their goal extends beyond simply helping students pass their G2 and G tests; they aim to develop drivers who prioritize safety, avoid collisions, and save lives. For DriveSafe Canada, this mission is not just a business endeavor but a commitment to educating today’s youth and shaping them into safe drivers for tomorrow.
They emphasize that a driving license is a privilege, not a right, and they assist their students in understanding and upholding this privilege by becoming proud and responsible members of the driving community. They believe that being able to operate a vehicle does not automatically make someone a safe and responsible driver; it requires the acquisition of vital skills and knowledge.
DriveSafe Canada offers support to new immigrants, international students, and young drivers in familiarizing themselves with Canadian driving laws and safety regulations through their Ministry Approved Driver Certification Course. By completing this program, participants become skilled and fully trained drivers, capable of driving safely in Canada.
Their Ministry Approved Driver Certification Course caters to various individuals, including new drivers, young drivers, mature drivers, new immigrants, international students, and visitors. The course prepares them to obtain their G2 and G category licenses, equipping them with the necessary skills to drive safely, prevent collisions, and save lives. Additionally, participants may benefit from insurance discounts provided by insurance companies due to their certification from DriveSafe Canada’s MTO-approved driving course.
At DriveSafe Driving School Milton, they emphasize safety, patience, and confidence while enhancing driving skills. They strive to make the learning experience enjoyable for their students, ensuring that their time with DriveSafe Canada is both educational and enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why DriveSafe is one of the Best Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

“Very satisfied with In-class & In-car training provided by Drivesafe, passed my G2 in first attempt. Definitely will recommend to friends."

“Training was very helpful and the instructor provided me with all the skills and knowledge to drive safe.”

“I approached DriveSafe for my G licence through recommendation from a friend and truly had a great learning experience with them. Mr Abdul was my learning instructor and he's very patient and professional. He calmly helped me iron out my bad habits and encouraged me to drive better each time. Through this approach I got my license in my first attempt and I would really recommend DriveSafe for anyone who feels nervous about road tests or driving in general.”

“Absolute professional, never late for an appointment. Patient, friendly and supportive. Very knowledgeable, good teacher and helps you set high personal standards for driving excellence. After over 5 years of international driving history, I did not think my driving could significantly improve and I only took the classes perfunctorily, but at the end of my driving lessons with Drivesafe, I felt I had significantly improved. I would recommend Drivesafe every hour, every day of the week.”

“It was a great experience learning from Drivesafe. The Instructor is informative, calm and best of all a really great instructor!!! I had some negative experiences in the past from other schools, and that really brought my confidence down. Drivesafe really helped in bringing my confidence back. I recommend it to everyone: A new driver as well as an experience one.”

Online Drivers Incorporated

  • Language: English
  • Address: Unit 214, 1200 main street, Milton ON LT9 K9T
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Online Drivers was founded by a Provincially Certified Driving Instructor and highly experienced Driver Examiner. He has evaluated and assessed the driving skills of thousands of road test applicants and knows what determines a successful applicant vs an unsuccessful applicant. For those familiar with the driving test centers, he has examined applicants out of Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, Brampton and Oakville locations. His empathy and passion for training individuals how to succeed ignited the rise of Online Drivers.

FAQs about Driving Schools in Milton, Ontario

Turning 16 is an important milestone in life, with its promise of more freedom and independence. Getting a driver’s license is a large part of that.
At age 16 in Ontario, you can write your G1 driving test and begin the process of earning a full driver’s license. Preparing for the test involves learning the rules of the road and understanding the issues involved in operating a vehicle on the road in all kinds of conditions.
To obtain a driver’s license in Ontario, you must be able to fulfill all three of these criteria, according to the Ontario.ca website:

  • be at least 16 years old
  • pass a vision test (with glasses or contact lenses if necessary)
  • pass the written test on rules of the road and traffic signs and signals

Applicants who are under 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian when going for the written G1 test.
Drivers need a wide array of knowledge to be able to handle the situations they encounter on the road. Here are some examples:

  • how to handle four-way stops
  • what to watch for in school zones
  • how to get out of a skid on an icy or wet road
  • how to handle fatigue on long trips

You can learn about the rules of the road and the challenges of driving through:

Trubicars offers an interactive curriculum covering the different driving situations and scenarios that you are likely to encounter. Topics covered in this course include:

  • license classifications (G, M, etc.)
  • dashboard symbols and warning lights
  • signal lights, headlights, brakes, and other controls
  • basic rules of the road, such as speed limits, right-of-way rules, etc.
  • issues such as driver fatigue, hazardous road conditions, the needs of different road users (such as cyclists or pedestrians), etc.

Once you feel that you know the material well enough, you can book a test at a Service Ontario Centre or DriveTest Centre.
Information on locations and booking an appointment is available at the Service Ontario Service Finder website: https://www.services.gov.on.ca/sf/?_ga=2.234152093.2040431062.1611594312-1433769550.1609993166#/oneServiceDetail/137/ip/sr/t.
Testing sites are located in many towns and cities around the province of Ontario. Scroll down the page on the Service Finder site to search for information on testing sites in different cities and towns in the province. You can search for sites in your town or check in a larger center nearby.
Before going for your appointment, be sure that you have prepared for the test. If you need glasses or contact lenses to see properly, be sure to have them with you.

Also be sure to have money to pay the test fee and anything else that you might need, such as allergy medication
or wrist braces. You want to have as few barriers as possible to passing the test.

Before you go for your test, check the website for the list of valid documents to be sure that you have the correct identification before going to write your test.
Also, remember to take the original documents with you as copies will not be accepted.

As the Service Ontario website explains, you will need identification giving:

  • your legal name
  • your date of birth
  • your signature

You are allowed to retake the G1 test if you fail the first time. However, retaking the G1 test involves time and money,
besides delaying your freedom to drive yourself wherever you want to go. With the right material helping you along, you
can pass the test the first time you write it.

With no interactive features, the handbook relies on a plain recital of the facts. Most people have trouble learning that way.
The Trubicars system is different. We include:

  • videos and other audiovisual segments to help engage students
  • questions and points for further consideration to encourage students to engage personally with the issues
  • material that appeals to the whole person, rather than just the intellect
  • a wide range of topics, from beginner concepts to advanced material
  • a more effective way to study for the G1, G2, and G tests and to gain a lifelong understanding of driving
  • easy-to-remember tips for safe driving
  • a step-by-step approach that gives insights into the whole process of driving, rather than just a part of it