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    Searching for G driving test preparation in London, Ontario? Look no further! Trubicars has compiled an extensive list of top-tier driving schools in London, Ontario, specifically for this purpose

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    All the driving schools we feature are certified and can help you prepare for your G driving test. We're committed to helping you find the best school in London, Ontario that meets your individual needs. Our detailed listings include information on rates, reviews, and more.

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    Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? We certainly are! Let's get started.

Best Driving Schools in Bolton
Trubicars Team

The Trubicars Team has created a list of the top G Driving Test in London, Ontario for you.

Pass Guarantee

100% MTO Approved

BDE Course Providers

The Cost of G driving test in London, Ontario

Before we explore the top G driving test in London, Ontario, let's take a look at the cost of driving lessons in the region. Fortunately, G driving lessons in London, Ontario are quite reasonably priced. For an overview of the average costs, please see the table provided below.

G2 Lesson $45 per hour
G Lesson $45 Per Hour
Basic Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Package. This includes 30 hours of MTO-approved online driving course and 10 hours of in-car driving lessons. $649 Plus Tax
*According to Trubicars, these are the Best G Driving Test in London, Ontario

The Best G Driving Test Lessons in London Ontario

According to Trubicars, here are the top Best G Driving Test in London, Ontario.

Road Rulez Driving Academy

  • Language: English
  • Address: 224 Skyline Ave, London, ON N5X 0A3
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Road Rulez Driving Academy features top-notch facilities and highly qualified instructors, providing comprehensive MTO-approved training programs designed to enhance your driving abilities and turn you into a skilled defensive driver.

Their seasoned instructors offer exceptional training that encompasses all key aspects of defensive driving. They prioritize road safety and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently navigate various driving situations.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your driving skills, their programs are customized to meet your individual needs. Road Rulez Driving Academy is dedicated to delivering the highest quality education and support to help you reach your driving goals. Furthermore, they are well-known for offering the best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for your driving test and beyond.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Road Rulez Driving Academy of London has one of the Best G Driving Instructors in London, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5


" Mr. Sean is very professional, humble and understanding person. Despite having no driving experience in Canada, I successfully passed my G license test after having 5-6 classes with Mr.Sean. He taught me all relevant driving skills that are required to pass the test and to be a good driver. Highly Recommended "

Kamal Aujla

" Sean is a great instructor. With his help, I was able to clear my G driving test in the first try easily. He's friendly, knowledgeable and will explain everything required for driving test in detail. I will recommend him to everyone going for their driving exam. "

Diljot Singh

"Amazing Instructor with pleasing personality and perfection in teaching. Just took three hours of driving class and cleared my G in first go, directly after G1. Strongly recommend."


“Mr. Sean is very professional, humble and understanding person. Despite having no driving experience in Canada, I successfully passed my G license test after having 5-6 classes with Mr.Sean. He taught me all relevant driving skills that are required to pass the test and to be a good driver. Highly Recommended”


  • Language: English
  • Address: Citi Plaza, 355 Wellington St Unit 285, London, ON N6A 3N7
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For over twenty years, Driverzed.com has been committed to teaching essential life skills for safely navigating today’s roads. As a renowned driving school in London, they have consistently provided high-quality driving lessons, equipping new generations with vital knowledge for road safety and proper driving manners. Their instructors are fully licensed by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and bring a wealth of experience in training young drivers.

Driverzed.com has built an exceptional reputation in driver education, celebrated as the Best of London for 12 consecutive years by city residents—a recognition highlighted by the London Free Press and other respected publications. Their courses are MTO-Approved for Beginner Driver Education and include training for G2 and G licenses, along with refresher courses for seniors. Recognizing the importance of flexible learning modalities, they offer both traditional in-person classes and an eLearning option, allowing students to progress through the theoretical parts of their training at their own pace. Practical in-car training is provided on a one-on-one basis with an instructor in London and nearby areas.

Driverzed.com’s team of seasoned professionals dedicates their efforts to students of all ages, including youth, adults, seniors, and newcomers to Canada, focusing on building confidence and driving competence. They are committed to skill development and empowering each student to become a responsible and safe driver. Moreover, Driverzed.com is acclaimed for offering the best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, thoroughly preparing drivers for their road tests and ensuring they possess the skills necessary for lifelong safe driving.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why DriverZed.com has one of the Best G Driving Instructors in London, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Latisha Edwards

" Sam is an exceptional instructor! I am international and an experienced driver so I did a few classes in preparation for my G and Sam's classes made me feel confident about taking my test. I passed on the first try. You will not be disappointed with Driverzed! Pretty affordable as well! "

Rowan Smith

" Moe is a fantastic driving instructor, knowledgeable, calm, and great at teaching driving techniques. I passed both my G2 and G road tests on the first attempt with his excellent lessons! "

Jess H

" I did in-class and in-car lessons with Driverzed. i have always had anxiety when it comes to driving but having Aliya as my instructor made a HUUGE difference. She was not only super comforting and friendly, but extremely helpful and gave constructive criticism to help me improve on the areas i struggled with. Aliya has been monumental in helping me achieve this major milestone in my life, one that i never thought i would be able to achieve - passing my g2 and g tests but more importantly... getting comfortable driving. I had a great experience with Driverzed would highly recommend to others. "

Deeya Patel

" I had Sam give me a refresher right before my G test, and without his easygoing nature, honest advice, and the comfortable space he created, I'm not sure I would've passed! Overall an affordable, informational, and enjoyable experience. Thanks again, Sam! "

Brittany Jarvie

" Mohamad created a calm environment and provided great advice all throughout my lesson. He allowed me to sharpen the skills I needed to work on and clarified all questions I had. I felt like a more confident driver and passed my G road test! "

Western Driving Academy

  • Language: English
  • Address: 785 Wonderland Rd S, London, ON N6K 1M6
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Founded in 1999, Western Driving Academy is a Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider and boasts a registered trademark. They are dedicated to providing exceptional service that surpasses student expectations. Their commitment to teaching essential driving skills that surpass basic Ministry requirements helps new drivers avoid accidents and become safer on the roads.

Western Driving Academy’s mission goes beyond merely assisting you in obtaining a driver’s license; they strive to ensure you can enjoy driving safely for many years. With a team of certified instructors, the academy offers comprehensive training in safe driving practices, deep knowledge of traffic laws, and the skills to recognize and react to potential hazards that are often missed.

At Western Driving Academy, the focus is on equipping you with the skills and mindset needed for confident and responsible driving. Their sophisticated teaching methods greatly decrease the chances of experiencing driving issues like collisions, skidding, road rage, and impaired driving. Furthermore, they are known for offering the best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, ensuring you are well-prepared for both the road test and a future of safe, independent driving.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Western Driving Academy has one of the Best G Driving Instructors in London, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Joe Kannath

" I was able to pass my G test taking very few classes with the help of this academy. I would specially recommend choosing Rec as the driving instructor. He was constantly motivating me and was very helpful. If there is anyone I would recommend as an instructor, it would be him without a doubt. His advices and driving tips are worth mentioning! He knows what's best for you as a learner and will clearly tell you if you are ready to take the test or not. Had a great and comfortable experience especially as an international student. Thank you so much Rec and Western Driving Academy! "

Emily Burtwistle

" Ayman with Western driving is fantastic! Past my G today with flying colours. He does a great mock test with you and points out exactly what to work on for your final test, along with great tips and tricks! He is very calm and friendly which definitely helps too! "

Alex Han

" I've had Zig as my instructor to prepare me for my G test (the receptionist who connected me to him was also very sweet and helpful!). Zig was not only very informative and flexible with me, he was also a pleasure to get to know during the in-car lessons! I highly recommend him and this service to prepare for any road tests or even just in getting more confidence on the road. "

Amber LeBlanc

" Highly recommend using Western Driving to help you prepare for either your G2 or G license! Felt immediately comfortable and passed on my first try. Shoutout to Liz for being an amazing instructor! She gave so many pointers, tips and tricks when it came to the required manoeuvres and was always available for any questions. Couldn’t have done it without her! "

Kirby Patton

“Basil Elkassam puts Western Driving Academy on the world map as a professional, first-class, outstanding, driver instructor! My 2023 G Driver's License success is an experience that serves as a powerful testimonial for Basil's meticulous, teacher ethics, his 2 decades of skilled experience, and Basil's superior instruction! Basil is my no.1 choice for everyone! Go get enrolled at Western Driving Academy! Ask for the BEST! Learn from Basil! Spread the word of Basil/Western Driving Academy team who are truly a stellar organization/leading, top-notch exemplary driving school!”

Xplore driving school

  • Language: English
  • Address: Online
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Yafeth Nagawkar, the owner and instructor at Xplore Driving School Inc., shares his story:

“After years of working with various organizations, the time has finally come for me to fulfill my dream of starting my own driving school!

My teaching experience in the London area and its surroundings has been greatly influenced by my students, who have encouraged me to establish my own school. They see me as knowledgeable, approachable, adaptable, and incredibly patient.

In short, my aim is not only to ensure my students pass their road tests on the first try but also to provide them with simple yet effective techniques to improve their daily driving. Xplore Driving School Inc serves the London area and its neighboring communities, open to individuals of all ages.”

Moreover, Xplore Driving School Inc. is known for providing the most affordable and best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, offering high-quality training tailored to meet the needs of every student.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Xplore driving school has one of the Best G Driving Instructors in London, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Stefan Sampy

“I have been taking classes with Yafeth for the past 3 years. Has has helped me pass the G2 and G road test and given me tremendous confidence behind the wheel. I highly recommend him as a teacher to learn defensive driving and gain road experience.”

Dania Zabian

“Wow there is so much to say about this incredible company. I would 100% recommend to everyone, I learnt so much from this amazing company and so quickly too. I would have not been able to pass without them, they are so patient and helpful. Great with accommodation and busy schedules, best driving instructors to have. Always happy to help and great to have conversations with. Only 1 try! Thank you Yafeeth, you are the best see you next for G👍”

Amanda Hilton

“Yafth is the most amazing teacher. He is kind, and he is patient. I was probably the most nervous adult student driver, and Yafth had a way of making it simple and easy. I was able to pass both my g2 and g driving test with the help of Yafth, and I couldn’t imagine having done it with anyone else. Thank you to Yafth and his school. Now there is a forever Queen on the road 😉”

Farwin Simaak

“Highly recommend Yafeth for your driving lessons. Not only he teaches driving but he shares lot of information to make your drive test experience as smooth as possible. I took lessons from him for both my G2 and G and passed them on the first try. Thanks Yafeth.”


“Yafeth was my in car instructor. He was very understanding and knowledgeable. He made all the driving maneuvers easy to learn. Because of him I passed my G2 and full G test very easily. I appreciate all his hard work and patience. I definitely recommend this school to all new drivers that are getting ready for the roads. Yafeth you rock thanks again.”

Oxford Driving Academy of London

  • Language: English
  • Address: 747 Hyde Park Rd #215, London, ON N6H 3S3
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THE OXFORD DRIVING ACADEMY OF LONDON is dedicated to offering top-tier driving instruction to the communities of London, Komoka, and surrounding areas in Ontario.

Their comprehensive certification programs consist of 20 hours of in-class instruction, supplemented by 10 hours of hands-on in-car training. Additionally, 10 hours are reserved for review and self-study, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. They also provide vehicles for students to use during their road tests as part of their complete service package.

THE OXFORD DRIVING ACADEMY OF LONDON offers specialized training for G1 beginners and customized private lessons for G2 and G licenses, addressing a variety of needs and preferences. They are also renowned for providing the best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, thoroughly preparing students for their road tests.

At their academy, the team of expert instructors concentrates on several vital driving skills, including:

Strategic Driving Techniques: Teaching students to anticipate and strategically plan for different driving situations, enhancing safer decision-making on the road.

Defensive Driving: Instructors stress the importance of defensive driving techniques to improve students’ awareness and their ability to respond to potential threats.

Emergency Preparedness: Training is provided on managing emergency scenarios, giving students the tools to stay calm and effective under pressure.

Parallel Parking: Students receive detailed instructions on the complexities of parallel parking, aiding them in mastering this challenging skill.

Highway Driving: Emphasis is placed on building students’ confidence and skills for highway driving, including merging, lane changes, and proper speed management.

Their curriculum encompasses a wide range of critical topics and skills, ensuring that students are fully prepared for various real-world driving conditions.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Oxford Driving Academy of London has one of the Best G Driving Instructors in London, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Jacob Sheardown

" Arman was a great instructor passesd both my G2 and G on the first try... Highly recommend the one stars you see are old from during covid when things were backed up. I called arman 2 days before my G test he met me at the drive test centre and let me use his car for the test we practiced a lot. With only a two day notice that's pretty fast responding. I'm thankful I had Arman as a driving instructor. "

Mohammad AbuJamih

" Mr. Amir is one of the best instructors that I have ever seen. He is very polite and helpful. Also, his experience in driving plays an incredible role which makes you comfortable and confident. He helped me in driving during the practice of G2 and my G and I get both of them from the first time. Also, the class was very good and informative. Thank you Mr. Arman and Mr. Amir for your help. "

Husam Medbak

" Very professional, helpful and flexible school. I have a long experience driving and I decided to go for G exam right away without doing G2 first. Arman, the instructor, Explained for me before starting all the possible outcomes, very realistic approach with NO intention to charge me more. It worked out well, and i got my G licence from the first trial although i ended up with a very difficult examiner. Arman spent the right amount of time with me and made sure i understand the local rules aside from the my driving history. Highly recommended :) "

Heidi Peever

“I can't tell you how caring and professional Amir was. He is an excellent in car driving instructor (the in class instructor was great too) and went out of his way to help my boys with their driving and test taking. I am blown away by his diligence and follow up during COVID as well as providing advice re helping my boys book their MTO drive test times, which was very difficult due to MTO wait times and availability. I would absolutely recommend Oxford Driving Academy and Amir especially!!!! He is a thoughtful, kind person who is great at what he does and supper at interacting with teenagers learning to drive. When my boys took their road test...the driving examiner said, he could tell the boys went to a good driving school due to the technical nature of their driving.”

Level Up driving school

  • Language: English
  • Address: 380 Wellington St, London, ON N6A 5B5
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They offer high-quality driving lessons at a reasonable price, focusing on safety and comfort to enhance your driving skills.

Their friendly and approachable instructors will guide you through each stage of the learning process. Lessons are tailored to suit your individual learning style, providing the necessary support to help you meet your driving objectives.

You can complete the online segment of the course at your own pace, with the flexibility to schedule in-car lessons according to your convenience.

They appreciate your decision to choose them as your partner in becoming a confident and safe driver. Furthermore, they are recognized for providing the best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, ensuring you are well-prepared for your road test.

Papa-G driving school

  • Language: English
  • Address: 1128 Glenora Drive, London, Ontario N5X 2R5
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Structured Learning: Papa G Driving School delivers a meticulously organized curriculum that ensures students develop all essential skills and knowledge during their driving lessons.

Experienced Instructors: The school’s seasoned instructors are always available to impart proper driving techniques and foster safe driving practices.

Familiarity with Road Rules: Papa G Driving School offers comprehensive training on traffic laws, regulations, and signs, equipping students to safely navigate the roads.

Confidence Building: With expert guidance, students at Papa G Driving School gain confidence in their driving skills throughout their lessons.

Additionally, Papa G Driving School is recognized for offering the most affordable and best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, ensuring that high-quality driver education is accessible to all.

Kuaile Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 118 St Bees Ct, London, ON N6G 4C1
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In the dynamic realm of education, Kuai Le Driving School in London, Ontario, skillfully navigates a mix of new challenges and exciting innovations. They adapt to these changes by offering a versatile program that blends cutting-edge techniques with modern teaching methods. Central to their ethos is a commitment to fostering an engaging, respectful, and rewarding learning atmosphere.

This unique approach, coupled with their outstanding faculty, positions Kuai Le Driving School as a premier educational facility in London, Ontario. Additionally, they offer the most affordable and highest-quality G driving lessons in the region, providing exceptional value and comprehensive preparation for students aiming to pass their G road tests.

Mustang Driving Academy

  • Language: English
  • Address: Online
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Mustang Driving Academy excels in improving individual driving skills, boasting a remarkable 99% success rate on first-time test attempts. They take immense pride in their students’ accomplishments. Additionally, they are renowned for providing the best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, ensuring students not only succeed in their driving tests but also continue to excel as drivers.

North London Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 1138 Baird Street, London, ON N6H 0G5
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Ray is a prominent figure in the North London and Middlesex communities, which inspired him to establish the “North London Driving School.” Despite the school’s name highlighting these areas, it offers driving lessons throughout London and Middlesex.

North London Driving School embraces students of all ages. Ray’s goal is to improve road safety by aiding people from various age groups, especially teenagers, in honing their driving skills.

Motivated by his vast teaching experience and the positive feedback from his students, Ray founded his own driving school to expand his reach and impact more learners. His students praise his patience, expertise, friendliness, and adaptability.

Ray is particularly skilled at teaching students who are anxious, inexperienced, or older. His students have an impressive 98% pass rate on both the G2 and G road tests. He also employs an effective method for teaching parallel parking, ensuring his students effortlessly master this skill.

North London Driving School operates year-round. Their office and phone support are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, though they are closed on weekends. Their website is available 24/7 for easy course registration. Additionally, they are recognized for offering the best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, consistently leading students to successful road test outcomes.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why North London Driving School has one of the Best G Driving Instructors in London, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Samuel Mutumba

" Rahman has been the absolute best for me in my driving journey. With him I got my G license withon a month of starting lessons. He not only fills the lessons with great driving knowledge but fantastic life expertise. If you are on the fence about trying him, please register with him, you don't find instructors like him often "

Uju Umeozulu

" I had the pleasure of learning to drive with Ray, and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Ray is highly experienced, patient, and has a great sense of humor, which made every lesson enjoyable and productive. His teaching style is effective, and he went above and beyond to ensure that I not only pass my driving tests but I also become a safe and confident driver. I truly got great value for my money with Ray's lessons. I highly recommend Ray to anyone looking to learn how to drive or improve their driving skills in London Ontario. Thank you, Ray, for helping me pass my G driving test!" You are simply amazing! You are the best! "

Wilfred Anim-Odame

" The best driving instructor in Ontario you need to pass your Driving Test. Ray makes the experience fun and exciting while making sure you have the necessary information to excel flawlessly in your test. All I needed to do was pay attention to him and follow every single advice he gave me. Thank you Ray, I’m forever grateful to you for successfully passing my G Test on the first try. "

Jess Nicolas

" Ray from North London Driving School was amazing! We did 2 hours of driving before my G test, and it helped me tremendously. I was very nervous at first but after driving for a while, I can say that he completely calmed my nerves so I was ready for my test. Very friendly, helpful, and reasonably priced. Thank you so much Ray! "

Saumitra Newalkar

“Ray is a great driving instructor, the best actually! He tailors his lessons to match the student’s skill level, and makes it a great experience for the student. I am glad I chose Ray for my driving lessons. He helped me understand the rules, regulations and the how to’s quickly, and helped me practice it as well. I cleared my G Test in the first attempt. Driving lessons can be stressful, but not with Ray. He makes sure to keep things light hearted with his bright personality and wit. I recommend Ray to anyone who’s looking to take driving lessons and ace the driving tests.”

Wards New Drivers of Canada

  • Language: English
  • Address: 266 Epworth Ave, London, ON, N6A 2M3
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For over 60 years, Wards New Drivers has been a beacon of excellence and expertise in driver education in London, Ontario, and its surrounding areas. Founded in 1950, they have consistently raised the bar in driver education with their detailed in-class and private lessons. Their team of dedicated instructors is committed to teaching defensive driving techniques and enhancing road safety.

Having educated over 20,000 students, their primary goal is to foster a generation of conscientious and safe drivers. Here are some key highlights of their approach:

– They uphold a rigorous commitment throughout the company to ensure all their staff are safe, defensive, and responsible drivers.

– Their instructors are experts in coaching new drivers, particularly for the G1 and G2 exit road tests.

– They offer respectful, private senior driving sessions to help older drivers refresh and improve their driving skills.

– They actively collaborate with high schools in and around London, Ontario, with a strong emphasis on promoting road safety and awareness.

– The Board of Education has authorized them to deliver driver’s education courses at various secondary schools in the region.

– A testament to their effectiveness, two-thirds of their students come through referrals, showcasing the high level of satisfaction and positive experiences of those they’ve instructed.

Moreover, Wards New Drivers is renowned for providing the best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, ensuring that students are exceptionally well-prepared for their driving tests and future driving endeavors.

For more information about Wards New Drivers and the services they offer, feel free to contact them today!

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Wards New Drivers of Canada has one of the G Best Driving Instructors in London, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Connor Isard

“I had a really good time with wards. My instructor who was Puneet was amazing, he really helped with my confidence and also helped me pass my G2 test and full G test. I highly recommend wards to anyone who's looking for the best driving school in London ON and other areas. “

Paola Bohorquez

“I’m extremely happy that I’ve decided to use their services. From the frost contact with my wonderful instructor, Puneet. I had failed my G test a couple of times and was left with little confidence. He helped me gained it back and pass my test! He was always on time, very helpful with learning small details that are required on the road test. I couldn’t have done it without his help. As I mentioned to him, I wish I had done classes with them sooner! Thanks so much. I would recommend this business. 5 stars is enough enough!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+”-


“Puneet is a great driving instructor! He helped me pass my G test after only 2 full days of lessons with him. Not only did he prepare me for the G test, he also made sure to teach me life skills to survive on the road which were extremely important!! He accommodated my schedule given that my test was coming up really soon and made sure I got enough time in to practice. I passed the G test because of him! Before this, I had taken the G test 3 times over the past 5 years and failed each time. Thanks to Puneet and the great instructions and tips he provided I was able to pass after he taught me. He came well recommended to me by my friends and all 3 of us have passed our driving tests! Overall cannot recommend this company and Puneet enough. He’s a very well versed instructor with 25+ years experience and it shows. He truly cares about his students. He has a good reputation with multiple testing centres and many of them know him personally and they’re aware that students of puneets have been properly taught- this just goes to show how good the instructor is as well. Thanks again Puneet, I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family in the future!”


" Puneet is by far the best driving instructor around. I had lessons with him for my G2 and G and passed on both my first tries! He’s kind, makes you feel at ease and is very patient when you don’t understand something. Would recommend him to anyone trying to get their license! Would rate higher than 5 stars if it was possible! "

Maria Klein

“I had a great experience learning with Ward’s! I passed my G2 and G tests on my first try all thanks to the insightful instructors. Both Puneet and Yafeth are patient with their students, providing excellent guidance and making learning an overall engaging experience! I will definitely recommend this driving school to friends and family, and anyone interested in making their driving education straight forward and effective. Thank you Wards for all the help!”

Ontario Driving School

  • Language: English
  • Address: 920 Commissioners Rd E #106 London, ON N5Z 3J1
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At Ontario Driving School, they feature a team of instructors skilled in meeting the unique needs of each student, including providing additional support for those who feel anxious about driving.

Understanding the necessity for flexibility, they offer adjustable scheduling for both classroom instruction and in-car training to accommodate the varied schedules of their students. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the high number of students who recommend them to their peers.

By enrolling in a course at Ontario Driving School, you not only enhance your driving abilities but also may qualify for a potential reduction in your insurance premiums. They are dedicated to ensuring that all their graduates become proficient drivers, equipped with the knowledge and skills required for confident road navigation. Additionally, Ontario Driving School offers the most affordable and best G driving lessons in London, Ontario, providing top-notch education at great value.

Customer Reviews

Let’s look at some of the customer reviews to learn why Ontario Driving School has one of the Best G Driving Instructors in London, Ontario.
Excellent | Trust Score 5/5

Pulkit Johar

" I just got my G license. My instructor was Naveen sir. His guidance his knowledge is something I was looking for while thinking of a driving school. Friendly, funny and most importantly dedicated to his work! Personally recommended!! 💯"

Aaron Guerrero

" It's worth it !!! I looked up some guy on Kijiji to help me with my G Highway Test. The guy never showed up to our appointment. I called this school, and was partnered with Alvin. He took me out for 2 hours. He scored me as if it was the actual test. He kept texting me tips and encouragement. He was calm and friendly; funny too. I passed on my 1st try thanks to him. Thank you Alvin! "

Hudhud Hatim

" Best driving school in london. I managed to pass my Full G with Zafir ahmad after having done only 3 lessons. A great school and great staff. really recommend it to anyone who is aiming to get their license. "

Tony B

“Thank you for the great customer service! I have been practiced to G test with Ontario Driving School. Thank God I passed the examination and it was an amazing experience.”

Jordan Li

“ODS is the best! I learnt both my G2 and G here. I just passed my G today. I'm so exited! Both the in class and in car instructor are amazing!”