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Benefits of using Trubicars’ digital in-car sheet

  1. Easy and Convenient: Digital in-car evaluation sheets are easier and more convenient to use.
  2. Faster Submission: Digital in-car sheets can be completed and submitted more quickly than paper forms, as there is no need to print, fill out, and physically drop into the office.
  3. Better Records: The digital in-car sheet allows for better record-keeping for the driving school regarding the student’s progress in each lesson.
  4. Include Instructor Info: The digital in-car sheet will also allow instructor information to be included
  5. Connected to Student Files: Each digital in-car sheet is attached to the student’s file, so you can find information easily.
  6. Quality Check: The driving school owner/manager can monitor the progress report done by each instructor to ensure it’s done correctly and regularly, thus providing better quality control.
  7. Easy Management: Unlike paper copies, you can manage digital sheets quickly without waiting for them to be handed in.
  8. Clear Typed Notes: Typed notes from the instructor are easier to read than handwritten ones.
  9. Quick Reviews: Using digital sheets makes reviewing lessons faster, so students get more time for driving and feedback.
  10. Audit-Friendly: During an MTO audit, the digital car sheet is easily made available for the auditor.
  11. Environmentally Friendly: Digital in-car sheets are also more environmentally friendly than paper forms, they do not require paper and ink, which reduces waste and saves resources.
  12. Modern and Efficient: Digital sheets are a modern way to make driving schools more efficient, accurate,and simpler to run.


Role – based system

The different roles supported on Trubicars are:

  • Super Admin
  • School Admin
  • In-car Instructors
  • MTO Auditors

Super Admin is Trubicars Admin, this enables us to provide you with impeccable support and assistance when you need it. Responsibilities include user and content management, configuring platform settings, analyzing data, maintaining system integrity, and ensuring security measures are in place.

School Admin is for the administrator of the school. It allows them to manage student enrollment, assign students to instructors and monitor student progress and enrollment.

In-car Instructor role allows the instructor to manage their students by recording their progress and assessments.

MTO Auditors is for MTO and MTO Auditors for auditing purposes. This role allows read-only access.

Security measures

Strong Passwords: The system only accepts strong passwords. It should be a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters and be at least 8 characters long.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): While logging in, users receive a one-time code on their email for verification. They will be able to get on to their account only after entering the code.

Account Lockout: After 3 failed login attempts, the user account is locked. They must contact Trubicars to unlock their account.

Session Timeout: User is automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Assigning instructors

To assign an instructor to a student, locate the student using the search bar and click on ‘Select Instructor’,

Select the appropriate instructor from the drop-down menu,

The system will automatically update your choice,

Adding an instructor

To add an instructor, please follow the steps below,

  • Click on ‘Instructors’,

  • From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Add Instructor’

  • Fill out the instructor information in the fields shown below and click on ‘Save’,

    The newly added instructor can be viewed under ‘All Instructors’.

In-car sheet

To access the in-car sheet, please locate the student and click on ‘Click here’ under the column ‘In-car Sheet’, please refer to the image below,

How to complete the in-car sheet

At the start of the class, please click on ‘Start’, like shown below, to start the timer,

Please record the lessons given in each class in the respective boxes, for example 1 means Needs More Practice, 2 means Satisfactory and Progressing Well, 3 means Meets Lesson Objectives and 4 means Exceeds Lesson Objectives.

Enter your comments in the comments box.

At the end of the class please click on ‘Submit’ and enter the student’s name and Instructor’s name in the respective boxes, like shown below,

To get the student’s signature, click on ‘Student Signature’ and have them sign on the pop-up box, please do the same for Instructor Signature by clicking on the respective button.

After both the student and instructor sign, the system automatically ends the session, and the end time and duration are recorded.

Changing instructors

If the student is switching instructors, the new instructor can be added using the following steps,

Scroll down to the instructor information and click on ‘Add Instructor’,

Select the instructor the student needs to be switched to and click on ‘Submit’,

Grading sheet for Pre-test and Final test

  • OK – the student made no mistakes
  • Check mark – minor mistake, lose 2 points
  • Cross (x) – major mistake, lose 4 points

If the student makes a mistake during the test, click the check box next to the corresponding mistake and from the pop up, select the specific error and according to whether it is minor or major select cross or check mark and click on ‘Save’

After the test is complete, please click on Submit and the system will show you the student’s results,

To get the student’s signature, click on ‘Student Signature’ and have them sign on the pop-up box, please do the same for Instructor Signature by clicking on the respective button.

Click on the Submit button.


12 benefits of using Trubicars in-car sheet