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Free G1 Practice Test 6

Free G1 Practice Test 6

Free G1 Practice Test 6

sample of Ontario driver license

On your G1 Practice test, you will be asked various amount of questions that range from fines, demerit points, traffic violations, traffic laws, and more. These types of questions would be some of the “hardest” that you will encounter and are most likely the types of questions that you would be asked on your Ontario G1 written knowledge test. In the Ontario Drivers Handbook, you can find the information for these questions under the “Licensing Requirements” and “Keeping your driver’s license” sections of the handbook. It’s important that you review these sections and all the other sections within this handbook because common sense and common knowledge won’t be much help. Our practice tests are created to ensure that you learn the rules of the road and that the information sticks to your mind so that you can easily remember the rules while you are practicing your driving skills.

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