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Thank you for considering the Trubicars Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Approved Basic Classroom Instructor Course.

This course has been developed in consultation with individuals qualified in Adult Education and Driving Instructors with years of experience.  

Our goal is to produce top-quality Classroom Instructors who will have a positive impact upon people’s lives and overall road safety in Ontario.  

Every year, people are needlessly injured or killed on Ontario roadways, and poor driving habits and attitudes are mainly to blame. 

We want our graduates to be part of the solution. We want to take their interest in teaching and road safety and mold them into a PASSION for producing the highest quality new drivers in Ontario.

If being the BEST is what you strive for then Trubicars is the right school for you! 

 Course Description 

What you will learn 

The Trubicars Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Approved Basic Classroom Instructor Program consists of 120 instructional hours and will take approximately 3 weeks to complete. *Attendance is 100 percent

The classroom portion is delivered virtually by a high experience and qualified Driving Instructor Trainer (DIT), while the in-class practical teaching portion will be delivered near your home through our network of training partners by a Driving Instructor
Training Assistant (DITA).   

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate from Trubicars and will have fulfilled the requirements to become a Licensed Classroom Instructor in the Province of Ontario. Once your paperwork is completed with MTO, they will add this endorsement to your
existing Driving Instructor License. You will then be qualified to deliver the in-class portion of any MTO Approved Beginner’s Driver Education Course (BDE). 


  • Classroom Environment 
  • Handling Disruptions 
  • Determining Objectives/Outcomes 
  • Instructional Design 
  • Learning Theories 
  • Teaching Techniques 
  • Creating a Positive Learning Environment 
  • Testing and Designing Tests 

Learning Outcomes 

After completion of this course, you will have gained the knowledge and practical experience to successfully plan, execute and deliver an MTO Approved Beginner Driver’s Education Course. 

Speaking in front of a class can be a stressful experience. This is why the Trubicars Basic Classroom Instructors Course will provide you with practical experience in teaching but with the help of an experienced DITA.

Course Format

The course is delivered in two parts.  

The first part is done virtually and will consist of learning about adult education. You will discuss theories of how people learn, how to set up a classroom, how to communicate, and how to deal with disruptions. You will develop and use creative lesson
plans in order to bring life to your presentations. At Trubicars we think learning is more effective and memorable when it is fun. We encourage you to let your creative side shine! These short lessons will be delivered in class to your fellow instructors
who will critique you. Together, through this peer feedback, we will learn from each other as a group.   

Once you have completed the theory portion you will move on to have some co-teaching practice with a qualified Driving Instructor Training Assistant (DITA) near your home with one of our training partners. Nothing can substitute the experience of instructing
in front of an actual class. You will start off partnered with a co-teacher and work your way up to teaching an entire class under the supervision of a DITA, who will be there if you need help. Quickly you will gain the confidence to teach on your


Once the course is successfully completed (80 percent is a pass) you will receive a certificate and the MTO will be notified that you are now qualified to be a Classroom Instructor. MTO will add the qualification to their database.


Successful competition in the BDIC Course.

 Hours of Operation 




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