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Is it possible to pass the driving test for the first time?

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Is it possible to pass the driving test for the first time?

Anything is possible if you have the proper training and the proper attitude. Thinking positively is a large part of our success. Going into an event with a negative attitude that you won’t do well can lead to that exact outcome. This is especially true when you’re attempting to pass your driving test people will ask, is it possible to pass the driving test the first time? Yes, it is!

Preparing your skills through professional driving lessons is the first part to help you gain confidence to pass the driving test the first time. Prior to going for your driving test, you will most likely receive advice from many people, such as your family, friends, and anyone else who seems like they want to offer you help. Smile and thank them but listen to your driving instructor the most. They do this on a regular basis and know what it takes to pass the driving test.

Is It Possible to Pass the Driving Test for the First Time

There is a good chance a professional driving instructor will offer advice to help you pass the driving test the first time, such as the following.

  • Obey the rules of the road
  • Exaggerate head movement slightly so the driving examiner can see what you’re doing
  • Feel the vehicle come to a complete stop before proceeding
  • If you are unsure of their instructions, ask them to clarify or repeat
  • Focus on your own driving but watch out for other road users

Let’s break it down so you can take advantage of these tips to help you pass the driving test the first time!

5 Tips to Help you Pass the Driving Test for the First Time:

1. Obey the Rules of the Road

During the time you studied to get your G1 Class license and practiced your driving skills on the road, you came across situations where you must follow specific driving laws of the road. It’s always a good idea to review these rules through the Driver’s Handbook to help them become a habit for you, especially while you’re practicing before the driving test day. If you approach a road sign you are unfamiliar with, check the driver’s handbook or go online to search for it. It would be helpful, especially if the same type of sign is in the testing area during your driving test.

2. Exaggerate your Head Movement

Glancing into your mirrors and checking the intersection before entering are common driver actions. You can often do those without much effort, but during your driving test, the driving examiner has to know you’re doing those checks. Instead of just moving your eyes to do those checks, turn your head slightly. Doing this will make your movement more noticeable to the driving examiner.

For the mirror checks, tilt your rearview mirror slightly so you will need to move your head to check it correctly. You will already have the habit of regular mirror checks, so tilting the rearview mirror up means the driving examiner knows when you are checking the mirror. And, just so that you are clear, you should check your rearview mirror every five to ten seconds, but also while stopped and once you have completed a turn.

3. Make Complete Stops

Our mind plays tricks on us when we come to a stop sign. It thinks we have stopped when in fact, we have not. Checking the intersection before you complete your stop may cause you to roll through the stop position. The reason is that if the intersection appears clear, your brain will tell you that it’s time to go. It skipped past the stopping part. To ensure you have come to a complete stop, feel the weight of the vehicle rest on the suspension before you check the intersection to see if it’s clear to proceed. It will give you the confidence to know you have legally stopped before continuing the driving test.

4. If Unsure of Instructions, Just Ask

Every now and then, the traffic noise on the roads may cause the instructions from the driving examiner not to be heard clearly. No need to assume and make the wrong turn because you thought that’s what they said or did not turn when they asked you to turn. It’s okay to ask the driving examiner to repeat their instructions if you did not hear them or forgot what they said. And if you make that mistake and go in the wrong direction or miss a turn, not a problem. It is not an error for not listening. However, doing that more than once won’t make the driving examiner happy, so let it go and listen carefully for future instructions.

5. Remain Focused

Tuning out the unimportant and focusing on the driving environment will help you reach your goal of passing your driving test. Considering that distractions come in all shapes and sizes, and not just the cell phone, remaining focused on your ability to follow the rules of the road and to drive smoothly and safely is one of the key points to pass the driving the first time.

Weeding out the things that do not affect you is important so you can focus on the things that may affect you and be able to listen to the instructions of the driving examiner. Keep moving your eyes around so you notice signs and lane markings and the actions of other road users that may have some influence over your driving. Responding early to other road users can also help to make your driving much smoother, which is what the driving examiner is looking for during your driving test.


If you follow each of the driving laws, and each thing you’ve been taught by your driving instructor, it will make it possible to pass your driving test the first time. Put any possible errors behind you and stay as focused as much as you can for these few minutes of the driving test. But it is important to get off to a good start by taking professional lessons from a licensed driving instructor. Let Trubicars help you do that. Contact us today!
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